Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Date, Dr, Milkshake, and Apples

I was doing so well at blogging every day.  Until last Thursday.  Killed me streak I had going, which is lame.  I love building the momentum.

Although I did have quite the busy week last week.  I had two night meetings in a row (Monday and Tuesday) where I really didn't get to see Henry at all.  Then Wednesday night, I had to take some work home and work on that for over an hour.  It was time to turn away from work and focus a little on my family.  So that's what I did.

Here's what I have been doing for the last 5 (ish) days:

Thursday night, Phil and I went on our first real date since February.  That's way too long to go between dates, we know that.  But I deal with a fair bit of guilt in regards to asking people to babysit/leaving Henry anymore than I have to.  However, I know that putting energy into our marriage will pay off so much more in the long run.  I'm working on it.  Thursday was a great reminder.

Here's to hoping it doesn't take 8 months for another date.

Friday morning we noticed that Henry's stitches still hadn't fallen out, even though they should have. In addition, his eye brow was starting to look a little swollen.  That meant we were back to the doctor's office to get his stitches taken out.  While holding him down while they did that was awful, so was trying to entertain a toddler while also trying to keep him from touching anything.  Thankfully, Phil was with me to help.

{Thankfully the doctor didn't walk in while we were doing this}

We topped off an excellent appointment by getting Henry his first of 2 flu shots.  When he saw the needle, he started crying.  I would feel bad, except that he would be so much worse if he actually got sick.  About 5 seconds after the shot, he was fine.

When I was little and had to go to the doctor to get something unpleasant done (shots, tests, blood draw), my mom would always bribe me by saying, "If you are a brave girl, we will stop and get a happy meal on the way home."  To my knowledge, it worked every time.  In fact, to this day I reward myself if I am a brave girl at the doctor's office (this became quite tricky during all the cancer appointments.  I got a LOT of rewards).  However, getting unpleasant things done at the doctor's office really doesn't bother me.  Therefore, I plan to use the same bribery on my children.

So Henry got his first milkshake!

We stopped by the office (because I had to go back to work) and Henry decided to share his milkshake with Papa.  I'm sure Papa loved the backwash.

Thanks to some great planning, we got to spend the whole weekend together.  We decided to take advantage of the great weather we were having and went apple picking again.  Henry was much more interested this time.  He kept trying to pick up the apples off the ground and put those in our bucket.

This week looks like it will be a little less hectic (no night meetings for me).  I am looking forward to maybe starting some crafts, after I tackle this:

When faced with the choice of folding laundry or spending time with my guys, it was a pretty easy decision.  Hence the gigantic pile of laundry.  I'm sure I will be done folding it right about it is time to do laundry again.


  1. That looks like my pile of laundry too! Those apples you picked look delicious, I wish we lived in an area that had apple picking. Hope your week is a little bit quieter this week :)

  2. That's what we always did growing up, too! In grade school I loved getting pulled out of class for a doctor's appointment because it meant McDonald's milkshakes, haha. Also, way jealous of the apple picking... we don't have a self-pick orchard in New Mexico, but I wish we did!

  3. Argh! Your laundry is making me tired. Henry looks like he had a great time apple picking. Fun!


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