Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It's about that time... time for a 2014 recap/2015 goal setting.

I started trying to think back over the last year and then I thought about the year before that... and then the year before that.  And I realized they all had a similar theme.


2012 was getting through cancer and then I was pregnant.
2013 we had a newborn and a terminal parent.
2014 was the completion of Phil's dissertation/defense.

We survived.  There's really no other way to put it.

But you know what... Now it is time for the Janney family to thrive!

(oh that was cheesy)

It feels like we have barely been getting by when it comes to several areas in our lives.  Lots of areas have been suffering.  Obviously this blog was severely neglected.  We have friends we haven't seen or talked to in months if not years.  Our gym has been thrilled with us as customers since we pay every month and BARELY go.

Even though 2014 was another hard year, it was full of some really amazing things.

Healthy family, a new home, Phil finishing his doctorate.  In reality, I couldn't have asked for a better year.

But I am hoping 2015 will give us some time to settle in and really create a clear path for where we want our family to go.  Phil and I will be sitting down and filling out THIS SHEET from Emily Ley.  I also really want to get her Home Base Binder, so I can start doing a better job of keeping track of our money and planning.  And I think I need to get Lara Casey's Power Sheets.  I think having a written out plan for where I want things to go will help me keep my goals at the forefront.

In the past, I used to have a "bring it on" attitude towards each new year.  But after several years of it being "brought", my attitude has changed.  Now I feel like each new year is a total mystery, filled with both positive and negative challenges we will be faced with.  But I am hopeful.

2015, please be good to us.


  1. your look back had some very memorable and fun milestones! may 2015 bring you many more fun smiles and adventures!

  2. I keep trying to click on the link to find out what THIS SHEET is but it won't work :( will try again tomorrow. I love the photos and hope you have a wonder NYE and I am sure 2015 will be an amazing year!

  3. aw love seeing how much your little one has grown over the year! And the mid-year upset face photo is fantastic, lol!


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