Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Henry's Awful Parents

Despite all of my hopes that this week would start off great, it did not.

We had a little hiccup when Henry's medicine accidentally got dropped on the floor.  Turns out the lid wasn't on all the way... we had a bit of a mess.  It was an accident but still annoying.  When I first called the pharmacist this morning, she explained that I might end up having to pay full price for another prescription.  It would have been like $72 for 2 or 3 doses.  Thankfully, the doctor's office said we can just use what we have left and to let them know if it seems like Henry's ears are bothering him again.

But that wasn't the only reason yesterday morning was hard.

According to Henry, it was also hard because we are awful parents.  Below is a list of all the wrongs we, Henry's parents, committed yesterday morning:

1.  We made him get out of bed.
2.  We took off his jammies.
3.  We changed his messy, wet diaper.
4.  We made him put on comfy clothes.
5.  We didn't give him his blankie fast enough.
6.  We walked out of his room too quickly.
7.  I tried to give him some cereal.
8.  Phil tried to let him pick a pacifier.
9.  We took him out of his seat once he was done with his medicine.
10.  We made him put his Batman sweatshirt on (the same one he wouldn't take off yesterday).
11.  We put him in the car.
12.  I tried giving him his cereal again.
13.  I tried giving him his pacifier.
14.  We backed out of the driveway.
15.  After he had calmed down, I tried giving him his cereal again.

Obviously, the list of wrongs goes on and on.

He cried so much yesterday on the way to daycare, his face was still splotchy when we got there.

{It wasn't as cute as these older pictures depict}

He calmed down after I sang "The Point of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera.  I didn't get applause but the lack of crying was reward enough.

The worst part was the Phil and I let Henry's tantrum affect our moods.  We definitely need to get better about keeping it cool and calm when he is acting up.  Because I'm 100% positive it will happen again.

I'm really hoping that Tuesday morning goes better, but I won't really know because I am at work super early (read: 5 am).


  1. ugh, I hear ya friend! Those days...hopefully are few and far between, but those days can really wear a parent down. Last night my little was testing my patience big time. I always feel so bad when I lose my cool with them and end up yelling at them...:( But it happens, right? They'll still love us in the end...I hope!

  2. Totally can relate! Yesterday was a test of my patience with my 2 boys and they won! lol I felt so defeated by the end of day! They are so cute though so it makes it all worth it right?? (:


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