Monday, August 26, 2013

Holy Hormones

Can we say basket case?  Henry starts daycare next week.

Insert internal sobbing.

As much as I have LOVED having Henry at work with me every day, the time has come for him to start daycare (mostly because I have to start paying for it or he will lose his spot).  He'll only be going 3 days a week to begin.  But judging by my emotional state, you'd think he was going off to college.

I know he will be okay at daycare.  He'll get to play with other babies and get tons of stimulation.

But I will miss him!!!

We've spent all day, every day together for the last year.  He's my little buddy.

Who wouldn't miss this:

Obviously we think he's a genius.

Ok... I've got to cut the cord eventually.  Might as well be now.  I do want him to be well-adjusted.  Nobody finds a grown man with mommy issues attractive.

I'm going to go cuddle with my baby now get back to work.


  1. NATALIE! He's like a teenager now! :( And I haven't even met him yet. I think that is what I'm most sad about.

  2. Will be thinking about you next week!!! I hope he LOVES daycare and it is easier than you think! HOPE! ;)


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