Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Safari Football Fan

I kind of can't stand Wal-Mart.  Not to be dramatic or anything, but I kind of feel like a piece of my soul dies every time I go into one.  Maybe that was a little dramatic.

But since Henry is a growing boy and I love a good deal, we ventured into one to get him some new pajamas.  Carter's has, what I assume is, a special line just for Wal-Mart.  Here's what we got:

In case you can't see very well in the picture, that's lions, giraffes, elephants... AND FOOTBALLS.  In addition, there is a giant football on the butt of the pajamas.

They also have this little tag on them.

"Daddy's little rookie"

...which is cute except there is a LION on the tag?!

I'm confused.  Safari football team?  I don't often associate safari animals and american football.

Do you think they were sitting around Carter's in the conference room having the following conversation:

Team Leader: "Alright everyone, we have one sleeper yet to design.  Half of you want safari animals and half want football.  How are we going to resolve this?"

Mensa Applicant:  "Let's put 'em together!"

Team Leader:  "Brilliant!  Meeting dismissed."

Because it wasn't like it was an accident.  Someone somewhere DESIGNED and manufactured this fabric.

I think we are the real winners here because we actually paid money for this.  Oh well... Henry looks cute in anything.  :)


  1. I know just how you feel about Wal-Mart... I always say I feel slightly suicidal after being in there for a while. It just makes me hate the world for some reason! But I always end up going there eventually, because they are cheap and sometimes you do find cool stuff, like you did today. And guess what... I just read on another blog tat Wal-Mart actually sells caskets and urns also! So, if you really DO die at Wal-Mart, someone can just grab you a casket right away!

  2. I really do hate Wal-Mart too!! And the pjs are a pretty strange combo. Cute though, but not as cute as the little guy in them! :)

  3. Hahahaha! Kids can really pull off anything! Especially on their pj's! I must admit, I love buying Mia's pj's from walmart! I always get the carter ones for 5 bucks!

  4. HAH! I know someone that designs for them. I may have to ask....


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