Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me and TV

I used to be ok with watching lots of different kinds of TV. It was good to switch it up a bit... some crime shows, a medical drama... But about a year and a half ago, I had to stop watching most television. Not by choice, but for my mental health. And probably for the health of my relationship. It got to the point where every diagnosis on Grey's Anatomy, I actually thought I had. Izzy get melanoma and I made Phil check all of my moles. Now in reality, that probably isn't a bad thing seeing how my skin is practically translucent. But still, it was a little overkill.

Here's how bad I am about the crime drama:
We moved into our duplex about nine months ago. The place has two separate attics, one over the garage and over in the upstair spare bedroom. When we moved in, the cover for the attic in the spare bedroom was off (probably to check the cable or something). But I was terrified. Thanks to a recent episode of CSI, I was convinced there was something living in the attic. So I made Phil go up TWICE to make sure there was no one living in the attic. The attic isn't even finished I don't know why he had to check at all. He said he checked once when I wasn't home and I didn't believe him so I made him check again. It was kind of ridiculous.

Needless to say, Phil was supportive of my decision to not watch any medical dramas or crime shows anymore. I am also not allowed to watch anything that could possibly be sad. No Home Makeover. No medical mystery diagnosis shows. No Dateline.

Here's a list of the shows I am allowed to watch:

- Comedies (although GLEE did get kind of serious in the second half of season 1)

- Most Reality shows such as Keeping up the Kardashians, the Real World, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, The Hills, The City, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelorette

- Pre-teen dramas. Right now that consists of HUGE and Make it or Break it on ABC Family

- Re-runs of FRIENDS and Gilmore Girls.

- I tried to add Prison Break to the list, but ended up having dreams that I was framed for murder. Everytime I heard police sirens, I thought they were after me, so I had to stop watching that one.

None of these shows sound remotely like ANYTHING a man would want to watch...

My poor husband. He really must love me.

I think he is just thankful I am not waking him up in the middle of the night to check for a tumor or a robber.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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