Friday, January 21, 2011


Wishing I were back there (PS- I took that picture. Not too shabby in my opinion)

Oh man... this week has seemed to last forever.

I am TIRED. Like too tired to even type right now. This is the slowest I have probably ever typed. I think I have typed faster with one hand before (and I have one of those split keyboards, so it takes skill to type with just one hand).

Highlights from this week...

- Getting to see Josh, Joanna, and Braxton Neal. Super cute little family. And in my opinion, Braxton totally LOVES me. :)

- Finishing part of the shower gift for Gavin and Chauna's baby girl. Good thing I finished it because the shower it TOMORROW! I have one thing left to do for it but then it is done! I think it is pretty cute.

- Got through the anniversary of the death of Phil's brother, Nick. Usually that day and Nick's birthday are super grumpy days for Phil. Yesterday wasn't as bad as in the past. We went out for steaks (our tradition for that day) where we accidentally ran into my sister-in-law, youngest nephew and her parents (super nice people). David was very excited to give a huge to his "Uncle Janney." Man he is CUTE! We then went home and Phil tied some flies, so I think it was an ok evening.

- Dinner with Morgan Wednesday. Have Bul Go Gi which is SUPER YUMMY! And then I got a recipe and some cooking tips from some coworkers. I am super excited to make it. I decided I am going to mix cultures and serve it with quinoa. It will be Korean/Incan fusion.

Lowlights of the week...

- We have eaten out almost every day this week. Expensive AND most likely fattening. We have both agreed to do better about this week. Menu planning helps with that alot so I am hoping to do a better job of that.

- Along with eating out, we have not gone to the gym AT ALL this week. I have been trying to work on the gift for the baby shower and completely underestimated how much time it would take. Didn't leave time for the gym. Plus I have been exhausted.

- Phil might have been ok yesterday, but he was a little grumpy this morning. I am pretty much always grumpy in the morning, so additional grumpiness doesn't help me. Hopefully his grumpiness goes away.

SO TIRED!! Just have to make it through the day.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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