Friday, March 4, 2011

I made a senior citizen angry

So part of my job is doing calculations for proposed buildings and putting these calculations into reports to be submitted to the city. A couple of weeks ago I completed some calculations for a retirement facility and then earlier this week I gave those calculations to the designer of the building, who happens to be my officemate (OM). 2 days later, he needed the calculations and couldn't find them. This is how that conversation went yesterday:

OM: Where are those calculations you did for me?

Me: I gave them to you the other day.

OM: Well I can't find them.

Me: I don't know but I don't have them.

[OM walks over to my desk and starts trying to look through papers on my desk]

Me: Quit looking at the stuff on my desk. Your calculations aren't there.

OM: [Slightly aggitated] Well would you mind looking on your desk for them because I can't find them?

Me: No I will not look for them because I know I gave them to you.

OM: [Officially angry with me] Well that is an interesting way of putting it. [Starting to yell at me] Well if they aren't on my desk (points at desk) and they aren't here (points at table) and they aren't here (points at chair) and I didn't take them home then WHERE ARE THEY?

Me: I don't know because I gave them to you.

At this point, the OM is pretty pissed off at me. He storms around. About ten minutes later, I hear this:

OM: I found them.

They were on his table.

Me: I figured you would because I knew you had them.

OM: Well it's not that I didn't believe you.

Me: It sure sounds like it because you were getting pretty pissy with me.

He hasn't spoken to me since.

Hooray for Friday!!

Love, Mrs. Janney

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