Friday, March 22, 2013

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

It was only a matter of time.

Cotton finally figured out how to start the, shall we say... "dance of love" with Taylor yesterday morning.

He's been getting close to figuring it out for a while now.  He'll stand up on Taylor, as a way to coax her into playing with him.  It basically never works.  Taylor's not into that kind of thing.

Or at least we thought.

You know what doesn't send the right message?  Licking his Cotton balls, if you catch my drift.

Such a tease.

We will be doing our best to prevent this behavior, but it's hard when she's not exactly stopping him either.  Thankfully, he usually tries to come at her from the front.  Little guy doesn't have it all figured out.

{His first day home.  It was so much simpler then.}

Not sure this was the most appropriate post I've ever written.  Whatever.

PS - I'm really hoping this post doesn't generate some weird and disturbing Google Search results for me.


  1. Ha! My inlaws tried to breed their Boston Terrier with the neighbor's once. Too bad Buster wasn't tall enough to reach Missy's lady parts. They gave him a shoebox to stand on and do this thang. Missy never did get knocked up....I guess shoeboxes aren't romantic?

  2. Okay, so your PS made me almost have soda come out of my nose. Remind me to never take a drink while I'm reading your blog posts.


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