Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What to Write?

Blogging has been a bit of a challenge for me lately.  It's a combination of things, really which I will now outline for you (because I know you want to know):

1.  I'm tired.  Like all of the time.  And if we are being honest, I've been tired for almost 2 years, since my thyroid started going bananas.  If you've never dealt with thyroid issues, then you'll just have to believe me when I say it messes with your sleep.  I was just starting to feel great and sleep again when I got pregnant (maybe that had something to do with it, who knows).  I'm not complaining about being pregnant, but more stating a fact that I'm tired and that usually means when I get home I am lucky to get one thing done.  I haven't even touched my computer at home in like 2 weeks.  And I haven't even had the energy to download the pictures and share about the AMAZING baby shower my best friend and sister-in-law threw for me this weekend.  I need to do that.

2.  I'm experiencing a lot of emotions these days.  I wasn't moody/hormonal in the beginning of my pregnancy and I think now I am making up for it.  Poor Phil.  He's handling it like a champ.  But I haven't exactly felt like writing about how I've been feeling.  And it is partially because I'm afraid to admit it and also because it's hard to be vulnerable and open sometimes.  And I worry that people won't want to read about it.

3.  Since I've been too tired to do much, I haven't gotten a lot of progress done on the nursery so I can't blog about that.  And I'm not sure people want to read about my feelings, so I haven't felt like blogging about that.  That pretty much leaves blogging about my dogs.  And I REALLY don't think a ton of people enjoy reading about them as much as they ought to.  They are pretty cool dogs.  I mean, seriously... if you met them, you'd love them.  Everyone does.  I constantly have offers from people to keep Taylor, because she is that good and sweet of a dog.  And Cotton has turned my parents (who are NOT animal people) into his biggest fans. My mom even said she'd come to the dog park with me.  That's unheard of.

Why wouldn't you read to read about this:

Taylor takes the term "loveseat" a little literally, laying all seductively for Cotton.  And it worked:

Dog make-out sesh, on the loveseat.

Why anyone wouldn't be thoroughly entertained by the exploits of our dogs is beyond me.  But whatever.  People can't find the simple joy in things I guess.

Anyway... I've decided that I am going to spend a little time to write a variety of blog posts.  Some will include the teeny tiny baby-steps worth of progress we have made on the nursery.  Some will include the emotional roller-coaster I have been on.  Some will include my new obsession with jars and my dogs.  Whatever.  It's my blog and I can write whatever I want, right?  :)


  1. I'd love to hear you blog about the other things, but these two always make my day. And yes, they are very lovable and sweet :-) And you know, I'm not pregnant, but I understand the whole blogging and finding time for it. And whatever you want to share, we're always here to listen :-)

  2. I am not a dog person but even I love your dogs. Can't go wrong with a few cute photos.

    And you're right, it's your blog so write whatever on earth you feel you want/need to. I have no first-hand [or second-hand really] experience of being preganant but I understand the tiredness issue. People don't always understand that it's more than just your average end of the day tired feeling.

    Take care lovely.

  3. Oh my gosh....I am totally with you! I feel like every time I actually get enough energy or motivation to do a post it is always baby related. I used to be a bit more creative ;) I am so tired all the time too and just don't have the motivation I used to when it comes to blogging. I still have not posted about my baby shower and it was Feb 9th! haha


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