Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cleaning is Expensive

Sunday morning I was overcome with an intense need to scrub the kitchen sink, hand scrub the entire kitchen floor, and finish all the laundry.  We have a VERY busy afternoon/evening scheduled, so I needed to move quickly because GOD FORBID any of these super important tasks not be completed.  The world may have come to an end.

Can we say nesting?

I got up, put on my robe, threw my phone in my robe pocket and headed downstairs to eat and start the mad dash to finish my very rational to-do list.

After breakfast, I tackled the sink first (which made the least sense later when I realized that I poured dirty floor water down my recently cleaned sink).  A little Comet, a little elbow grease, and the sink looked like new.  I had however, gotten Comet ALL OVER the front of my robe.

Thank goodness I was doing laundry, I thought to myself.  I'll just throw it in the last load.

Cue 2 hours later... I had cleaned the sink, scrubbed the floor, gotten all the laundry through the wash, folded and put away half of it, cleaned out some kitchen cupboards, one bathroom cabinet, and cleaned off all the kitchen counter tops (I also showered, but that's a minor detail).  It was time to dash out the door.  We wouldn't be home for like 9 hours, so I needed to make sure I had everything I needed.

Where did I put my phone?

Oh crap...  I never checked my robe pocket.  My robe, which was in the washing machine.  About to begin the final spin.  We stopped the cycle and waited (impatiently) for the water to drain so the door would open, knowing that we needed to head out the door.

Please please PLEASE don't let my phone be in there.

Phil and I pull out the sopping wet items from the washer including my phone.  My barely 6 months old iPhone 5.

I was livid.  How could I have done that?  I ALWAYS put my phone in my robe pocket, I should have known better.  How much were they going to charge me for a new phone?  We have been so good about saving money, I really don't want to blow all of it on a new phone.  How am I going to handle not having a phone?  What if someone calls me?

We shoved the phone in a bag of rice, hopped in the car, and sped off for our very busy Sunday afternoon/evening.

I was so mad at myself.  Phil spent pretty much the next several hours trying to calm me down.  It wasn't just the money or the inconvenience, it was the hormones.  And then the spousal guilt.  If the roles had been reversed, I would have been pissed at him and here he was comforting me and not mad at me at all.  It was another example of how wonderful of a man I married and how much growing I need to do as a wife and person.

When we finally got home at 9 Sunday evening, I had calmed down a little, but the hormones kept on pumping.  I'm not sure I ever really calmed down.  And at that point, it had nothing to do with my phone and EVERYTHING to do with how wonderful my husband was.

Phil did some research, told me it wouldn't be as expensive as I originally thought to get it fixed, told me he would take care of it first thing the next morning, got me some cookies and milk, and put me to bed.  He didn't know I stayed up another 2 hours, oscillating between exhaustion and then crying over the kind, thoughtful, and amazing man who loves me.

So here's what I learned from my expensive sink cleaning experience:
1.  My husband is even more amazing than I give him credit for.
2.  I'll never put my phone in the washing machine again.
3.  My husband is the better spouse, and I need to work harder to be better for him.
4.  Pregnancy hormones can be a real B*$#h.

At least my sink looks really good.

*Truth be told, I kind of think this would have happened eventually to me anyway.  If not now, it would have been in like 4 months when I have a newborn and am doing laundry every single day, half asleep.  At least this way, I didn't lose any pictures of my baby (just some of Cotton) and Phil had the time and energy to deal with it for me.  Now I feel like I'm more likely to NOT do it again.


  1. What a day!! And what a sweet, sweet husband =) I'm sure you deserve every bit of that love and care!!

  2. oh no! pregnancy hormones are a b*tch! i feel so bad for my hubby sometimes too...they don't get enough credit for putting up with us through these 9 months!


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