Friday, March 22, 2013

Lack of Weekend Plans

It's a little strange to me just how much I am looking forward to this weekend.  It's not like we have anything special going on.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.

It's the first weekend since the beginning of January that we have NOTHING planned.  And that weekend in January shouldn't even count because we were so busy getting ready to not have free weekends that we have a really busy weekend.  So let's say it is the first free weekend we have had since the beginning of December.  That's really more accurate.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weekend plans.  We have been so blessed to get to spend time with people we love and care about.  But there is also something really nice about doing nothing, amiright?

There's absolutely no way we will be doing nothing this weekend, however.  Nesting along with the realization that we really could have a baby in like 5 weeks (not likely but possible) has given me more motivation to finish the nursery, clean every piece of laundry, and scrub every corner of the house probably all in one day.

This post really has no purpose other than the fact that I am SO EXCITED that I can do whatever I want this weekend.  :)  It's not like I'll be sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating ice cream.  Here's a brief list of the things I am hoping to get done this weekend:

-  Sleep
-  A little baby shopping
-  Finish the chenille baby blanket and write post about it
-  Work on wall hangings for nursery
-  Get carseat out of the box
-  Make carseat cover
-  Make Bobby slipcover
-  Make Cincinnati Chili
-  Recover glider cushions
-  Make pillow cover for glider pillow

There's pretty much no way I can get all of that done.  But I have the time to try.  :)

And I'm going to join these guys:

That is definitely happening.

Ok I'm done talking.


  1. Yea! Sounds like a fun, craft-filled weekend to me. I'm working on wall hangings/vinyl projects for the nursery tomorrow. Maybe a little shelf painting? Can't wait to read all about your projects!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. When Ben and I got home from our roadtrip to see the family this week we had absolutely nothing planned and it. was. awesome. Just relaxing and being able to do whatever is so nice sometimes!


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