Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We took Henry to his follow-up appointment last week, thinking we would instantly hear, "It's all good!! What a great little healer."  But we did not.

His lungs are clear, so that is good.  No signs of pneumonia in either lung.  But his left ear still had an ear infection.

Well that explains why he has been sleeping like GAR.BAGE.  Serious garbage.

His doctor said she wanted to give the antibiotics a little more time before switching to see if they would work.  Which is fine.  Except this is the 3rd antibiotic we have had for the ears.  And the IV antibiotics he got in the hospital were supposed to knock the ear infection out.

So I am little concerned he's had an ear infection for 2 weeks, with 3 antibiotics.

{Mommy's wising up.  He HATES being given medicine so I have resorted to tricking him.  
The instructions said "take with food" so I think it works.}

I asked if the ear infection is what caused the pneumonia.  Answer: YES.

Makes me feel even worse about the never-ending ear infection.

I asked about ear tubes.  I had my first set at 8 months, with some more when I was 7 and a half.  She said the main criteria is 3 ear infections in 6 months or 4 ear infection in a year.

Well, he had his first ear infection in December and then a double ear infection 2 weeks ago that doesn't want to go away.

I guess I am just frustrated.

I was plagued with ear infections when I was little and I remember that THEY HURT!!  Really bad.  My dad, who also suffered from tons of ear infections (and subsequently hearing loss) describes them as the worst pain.  I don't want Henry to have to suffer for weeks with ear infections and have possible hearing loss (I definitely have some hearing damage).

Plus, the kid hasn't slept well since we got back from Virginia in the beginning of December.  That's a LONG TIME for not sleeping well.  And it has to be his ears.  He is sleeping with his hands on his ears.  He will fall asleep sitting up, but the second you lay him down he wakes up crying.

{Sleeping with his hand on his ear.}

With everything Phil and I have going on, the lack of sleep is a real challenge.  One of my biggest concerns is that the end of Phil's grad school combined with everything else is going to hurt our relationship.  I won't let that happen, but it is definitely something I try to keep a constant eye on.

Bottom line... I'm feeling a little on edge.  I can't let Henry have an ear infection for weeks at a time.  And if his doctor won't listen to me, I will either make her or find a new doctor.  I'm not a stranger to being an advocate.  If I hadn't spoken up for myself, I might still have cancer.  And I will certainly stand up for my baby.  What else am I supposed to do?  Let him get pneumonia again?  Let him stay in pain?  Let him be in enough pain he doesn't sleep?

So we are headed back to the doctor this afternoon for ANOTHER follow-up.  And I am ready to go all Mama Bear up in here.  Hopefully I won't need to.  Wish everyone good luck.  :)


  1. Poor buddy! He does look so sweet and content sleeping though. He's such a handsome boy!

  2. I hope Henry feels lots better soon. I am SO glad that you are very aware of how ear infections can and do affect hearing loss later in life as well as the connection to speech development. I also hope your husband's grad school continues to go well. Hope you all don't get sick either.

  3. Poor baby. I hope things get better soon!


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