Monday, January 20, 2014

HOME + My first giveaway!!

We are HOME!  And it is so nice to not have Henry on a leash (aka the IV).  It was really challenging moving him around with his foot all bandaged up.  Not to mention he could pretty much only be in the crib or the rocking chair.  I think he wanted a change of scenery.

You can tell he is still not feeling well.  He has taken several naps, coughed so much he threw up, and is very fussy still.  However, he has been playing a little and even cracked a few smiles.  We are keeping a close eye on him and will schedule a follow-up appointment with his doctor in a few days.  Hopefully the coughing dies down enough so that he won't throw up his medicine and he can start to feel better.

In other news, I am participating in my first group giveaway, hosted by the wonderful Farmer & The Bell!!  I am so excited.  There are several other lovely ladies participating as well.  Go catch them out and enter the giveaway.  Who wouldn't love $105?!?  I wouldn't turn it away, that's for sure.  Especially since I escaped for about an hour today to roam Target and shop the clearance rack at Old Navy in my sleep deprived state.  It was a nice change from the living room and the hospital.

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  1. oh em god. i'm so glad your sweet boy is home. i was thinking about you guys all day yesterday. it's funny how once you have a kid and you see another little guy their age going through something hard…it just hurt my heart to think of kaye with an iv. blah blah blah…i'm absolutely thrilled you guys are home.


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