Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Tough Guy

I think any parent would agree that there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain/sick.  During my limited time as a parent, I can totally agree.  But it reached a new level over the weekend.

Henry had been vomiting a little more frequently Friday evening and Saturday morning.  It seemed to be connected with his coughing, which was also getting worse.  Plus he had a small fever (about 101).  I called his doctor's office and they said to bring him in.

We took him to the doctor where she said his lungs sounded a little congested.  She wanted to try a breathing treatment to see if that helped.

Can I just say that holding Henry down and giving him a nebulizer is NOT on my Top 10 List.

After the breathing treatment, she said his lungs didn't sound that much better, but she was sending us home with an inhaler and instructions to use it as needed.

We decided to run a few errands and thought it would be good for Henry to get out of the house and ride around in his stroller, which he enjoys.

By the time we got home, he was much worse.  His temperature was rising.  All he did was sleep.  When he was awake, he would whimper and just wanted to be held (which is VERY unlike him).  And his breathing was weird.

At around 6 in the evening, I called the doctor's office again.  After answering a couple of questions and letting the nurse listen to him breath over the phone, she told us we needed to head to the emergency room.

The rest of Saturday evening was filled with a chest x-ray, a blood draw (that took two attempts), and an IV (which took THREE attempts and I'm not talking quick attempts.  I am talking attempts with digging around in his arms), we found out Henry has bi-lateral pneumonia.  The ER doctor and Henry's pediatrician decided that Henry was sick enough that he needed to be admitted.

By about 2 in the morning, we were in Henry's room.  And we started trying to get him to sleep.  After he was asleep and Phil went home to take care of the dogs and get some rest, they measured his blood oxygen which had dropped a little too low.  That meant it was time for some oxygen.

Long story short, he is doing much better.  Henry HATED the oxygen mask thing and thankfully his oxygen levels improved enough that he didn't need it anymore.  He got in some naps, nursed a little, and even played a little bit.  But he still isn't our Happy Hank yet.

{He hacked up a bunch of stuff right after this and then threw up}

We aren't exactly sure how long we will be here.  We might go home today.  It might be another day.  Personally, I am fine staying as long as necessary to get Henry's lungs back in order.

{A much needed nap}

Keep Henry in your thoughts and prayers.  We want a full recovering so we can get our happy baby back.

There really is NOTHING worse than seeing your child in pain.

{Watching football with Daddy}


  1. hang in there, sister. i can only imagine (from the other side of the needle) how tough this must be.

  2. Sorry that Henry has been sick. There is nothing worse than your child being sick even when they are adults.

  3. Um, horrifying! I can't imagine how scary that was at first. Sending healthy thoughts.

  4. I KNEW you were going to say pneumonia when you said the breathing treatment didn't help him much at the doctor! With babies it is so hard to tell. But my friends' kids had asthma and they used to always get pneumonia.. it would start as a cold but somehow spread to their lungs. We always had nebulizers in the house too. Does Henry have asthma? I will keep you all in my prayers!


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