Friday, January 17, 2014

Oh why HELLO blog...

Hello from my couch.  Henry and I are having a sick day.  Turns out he has a fever which means daycare won't let him come today.  Of course I am not too terribly upset because I wasn't super excited about dropping my sick baby off with someone else.  I think he needs some cuddles with his mommy.

For some stupid reason, I would have hoped my first blog post of the new year would be uplifting or profound, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  I was extremely inspired by everyone's New Years Resolution posts... almost enough to put together some of my own.  But not really.

The first 3 to 6 months of this year could be extremely stressful for our little household, with Phil doing his best to wrap up his dissertation.  That coupled with the fact that it may take a while for Phil to get a job that suits him and I am left with a slight panic attack that I will forget what Phil looks like before he finishes his dissertation and money.

January has started off a little rocky for us.

It has never really been a favorite month for me, but it especially isn't for Phil.  It's the month that his Grandma and brother died (in the same year by the way) and throw in the still fresh death of his father and it would be easy to say that Phil has not exactly been himself.

After multiple nights of Henry waking up and SCREAMING for a couple of hours straight (as in I got maybe 3 and a half hours of sleep Tuesday night), we discovered he had BLAZING ear infections in both ears.  You know it has to be pretty bad when the doctor hardly has to look in his ear before he declares he has an ear infection.  I feel like a horrible mother for not putting the puzzle together sooner.  After all, he is a decent night sleeper and a very happy baby so when he was waking up every hour and being a huge grumpy head, I should have known right away.  First time mother right here.

{You can just tell he doesn't feel good}

Oh and I got a cold.

And I'm super busy at work.  It makes having a sick baby even harder.  I'm feeling super guilty about not being at work, but my baby needs me.

And our car seat broke.  We spotted the break by chance and just under the warranty.  It's kind of a funny story actually.

Henry and I were at Walgreens (Phil was driving home from campus) so I could finally get my flu shot (procrastination central).  I had his carrier carseat in the stroller so I wouldn't have to carry him through the store.  When I went to take the carseat off the stroller, it wouldn't unhook.  At all.  I tried for several minutes.  Finally, I called my mom and she came and took Henry to her house (since she has a carseat for him).  But what was I to do with my carseat/stroller that wouldn't fold down or come apart?  Shove it in my car, of course.  As I was doing this, a man came up to me and we had the following exchange:

Man:  "Those come apart, you know."

Me:  "This one won't."

Man:  "Yeah.  We have one too.  They all fold down."

Me:  (as I struggle with getting it in my car) "No, it won't right now."

Man:  "No.  They all should."

Me:  (trying to stay calm) "It's broken.  It won't fold down."

Man:  "Oh."

I'm a big complainer.

Anyway... That's what has been going on around here.  I am hopeful that once we get past Henry's illness and January, we can see some improvement.  And I am hoping to get back to blogging (lucky you).

I'm going to get back to my couch-mate.  I need to take advantage of his nap to get some work done.  Oh the life of a working momma.

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  1. What you're doing is very exceptional, Natalie. I'm sure a lot of moms out there are inspired by you, as a working mother. Prioritizing your time with your children, even thouh you're busy, is one of the most important and unregretted moments you'll have as a mother. Thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best!

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare Pediatric


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