Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Giraffes

Ah... Monday morning.  I'm preparing myself for a busy couple of weeks.  It's about Spring Break time, which means lots of people at the office are out of town.  This gives me a perfect opportunity to not go out of town and spread my little engineer wings.  When people call in and find that half of the office is unavailable, they will be directed to me.  I am sure they will be thrilled.

In preparation for some busy time at the office, I wanted to make sure our house was spic and span.  Okay that is an exaggeration.  But I did get the house un-messy and manage to wash, fold, AND PUT AWAY all of our laundry.  That hasn't happened since... I can't remember.  I usually get the wash and fold part done, but not the putting it away part.  Other crazy things happened as well, like cleaning out the fridge, washing bottles, and filing paperwork.

What can I say?  I am cray-zay.

We did manage to slip in a little fun.

Since the weather was actually nice and not threatening rain, we took Henry up to the zoo.  This wasn't his first time at the zoo, since we did go for Zoo Lights.  However, it was his first time in the daylight.  And with slightly fewer annoying people.  He did a little more people watching than animal watching but I think he had a good time.  Some of the zoo highlights included seeing a sea otter service himself and having a grown man shove past me as I was trying to get Henry and I away from the window looking at the lion cubs.

Have I mentioned I dislike large groups of people?

One of the best parts of the zoo, however, happened when we were over at the gazelle area.  There were probably 5 gazelles, roaming.  One was standing on a tree, trying to reach some leaves.  All around the area were signs talking about the gazelles.  How the gazelles stand on trees.  What the gazelles eat.  Gazelles.  Gazelles.  Gazelles.

And then a woman walks up and says, "Look kids!  A baby giraffe!!"



But I know a certain someone who had fun:

Seriously... It is almost painful to look at him sometimes, he is so cute.

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