Saturday, March 8, 2014


It's fairly interesting to see what types of things draw traffic to this little blog.  

Normally, the search traffic is fairly predictable.  

A lot of "Adventures of Mrs. Janney" or some similar form.  

A LOT of "DIY Chalkboard" or "framed chalkboard".  I know exactly where that came from.  

And I used to get a lot of traffic from people searching "Dolphin Tale".  Not so much anymore.

But this week, the keyword search was a little different.


I'm not so sure this week.

Let's go through this, shall we?

1.  i keep catching him texting her quotes.
I have no idea what from my blog came up from this search.  You know what is even worse?  There was more than 1 search under these keywords.  And now I have a few questions.  What kind of quotes?  Like movie quotes?  Philosophical quotes?  Does she respond with quotes?  Are the quotes code for something?  If not and they are inside jokes, that is most likely a problem.  Anyway, hopefully whoever searched that found something they were looking for.

2.  don't overthinking quotes
More quotes.  This search isn't even correct english, but that's semantics I guess.  I shouldn't criticize someone else's english skills since most of the time I don't even write in complete sentences.  Word.  I have a general idea why the blog popped up when they searched this.  My earlier posts, especially during my cancer days had A LOT of focus on not overthinking.  My cancer might be gone, but it is a daily struggle for me to not overthink things.  My mind likes to follow along worst case scenarios and jump about five steps ahead.  I'm still working on it.

3.  low iodine diet blog
This is obvious.  A kind of wish I had written in a little more detail about what I was eating while I was one my low iodine diet both times.  It would have been INSANELY boring for most of the people who read, but also very helpful for anyone searching for food ideas.  I still am baffled by people who voluntarily go on crazy diets since the low-iodine diet was mandatory and also a small slice of HELL.

4.  $. E. x in the kitchen
Yeah I really don't know how my blog popped up on this one.  I'm a little curious to search it myself and see, but also TERRIFIED of what will pop up if I were to do that.  I don't think my eyes could take it.  But I know for a fact that whoever did this search and stumbled onto this blog was VERY disappointed and I'm sure promptly clicked "BACK" for something else.  Moving on.

5.  why do hippies like rock climbing?
You know, I have asked myself this question several times.  I have no idea.  If someone finds out, let me know because I am also curious.  I'm guessing that conservatives don't like rock climbing because it is harder to conceal your weapon in the harness.  That was a joke.

By far, that was the most unique set of search keywords I have seen for the blog yet.  I'm sure more gems will pop up in the future.  Hopefully that aren't like number 4.  I may have to be careful what I post if that is the case.


  1. Too funny!!! I haven't checked mine in a while!! Crazy to see how people end up on a blog! Can you see which page it took them to? I can't remember!

  2. Ha! I haven't checked my stats in a while. Wonder what I'd find?


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