Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

1.  I apologize for the blog silence this week.  I was hit early this week with what I am about 95% sure was Norovirus.  At least that is was Dr. Google and my mother have both diagnosed me with and I have to say I really don't care what you call it, it sucked.  I am crossing all my fingers and toys that Phil and Henry do not contract the stomach virusthatshallnotbenamed because I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

It has, however, been an excellent diet (if you call gastrointestinal problems and having zero appetite a diet).  I magically lost 7 pounds this week.  I'm aware a good portion of this is from dehydration, but it is still crazy.

The side effect of dehydration has been another big concern since my milk-supply was already suffering.  I figured it would be the death of nursing, but we seem to be doing alright.  I don't know if my supply will fully recover.  We only have 8 weeks left to his first birthday and several freezer bags so hopefully we can make it.  If not, a little formula really doesn't bother me at this point.

2.  Phil and I decided recently to start getting more serious about house hunting.  After looking and looking and looking at houses online, I have decided that the process is... depressing.  I don't want to be house poor.  I don't want to buy too small or too big.  I don't want to buy in the wrong area.  We need a backyard.  Am I willing to compromise on anything?  I could care less about granite countertops or nice wood floors, so I really don't want to pay top dollar for those things.  Maybe it would be a better decision for us to just build one?

This isn't a short term decision and I'm nervous about making a rash decision because it's a good market and I am TIRED of living where we do (we have lived here since before we get married).

Currently, we are in the process of getting pre-qualified, which has been a little annoying as well.  I'm doing my best to stay positive about the whole thing and know that these are total first world problems.

3.  We got Henry a walker and he is now CRUISING.  He think it is hilarious to chase Cotton around with it.  And while some might think letting the baby chase the dog around is torture for the dog, I think it has only solidified Cotton's love for Henry.

4.  Speaking of Cotton... I'm not even sure how to start this one.  It really needs it own post.  As I have mentioned before, when we first got cotton, but breeders were extremely excited about him and his potential as a show dog.  They were even more excited when we said we would be willing to show him.  So now we have a show dog.  Well, show dogs must be trained and I am WAY too cheap to pay for a professional handler.  That means we get to train him.

We entered him in a few shows and did some light training before I found out I was pregnant.  He did 2 more shows at the beginning of my pregnancy (I think I was about 5 months pregnant at the last show we did) and then I just didn't like running around in the show ring anymore.  Plus, he still had his "puppy" body and really didn't stand a chance at winning for at least another year.

Cue a year later.  There is a dog show not that far from us that both breeders will be at and we decided to go ahead and jump back into showing.

In a very nice conversation with Phil, one of the breeders (very kindly) stated that my inexperience in handling could possibly hold Cotton back from winning (more or less).

I'm not offended.  Both breeders have like 20-30 years of experience showing dogs.  I have like 30 seconds worth of experience.  But the mom-guilt started to kick in.

I don't want to hold him back!!

I am nothing if not an excellent student, so I decided I would do some research.  And that when I found this:

Now... watching the video one might think it was filmed in the late 1980's.  It was not.  2012.  And I'm a little curious about the fact that this lady has a "show".  I also loved her enthusiastic smile.

5.  My baby isn't as much of a baby anymore... he no longer sleeps in a crib at daycare.  :(  They have officially moved him out of the crib and onto the big kid cot for his nap.  I thought I was doing pretty well with him getting so big and this year flying by, but this naptime development kicked in my nostalgia.  He'll be off to college before I know it!

{We still use the crib at home}

I have no idea why the two pictures in the post are different sizes, since they were both taken on iPhones.  One of life's great mysteries, I guess.

Wish us luck!  Cotton is in a show on Saturday.  Hopefully I won't be holding him back.  :)


  1. I read this post and immediately thought that I was going to name your stomach virus the Voldemort virus due to your "he who shall not be named reference" - I had the Voldemort virus earlier this year and was AWFUL! Glad youre feeling better!

  2. Ugh I hope you are feeling better!! Moms can't get sick!! Haha.
    I loved house hunting, although I bet it is more time consuming with a child! I think building is a good option if you don't see anything you love! Good luck with the pre-approval process, you will feel better seeing how much you can spend.
    Love that the little one chases Cotton around! Lily would not be impressed, but Grace would probably be like Cotton!!
    Yay Cotten and Mommy for doing another show!! So are you going to show him or let them show him?
    Have a great weekend!! I'm soo far behind on blog reading, so I'm starting fresh today!

  3. I feel like I could have written that first paragraph. Yours was the exact same as the early part of my week too. But I lost 9lbs. Ha! I think it all came back when my appetite reappeared yesterday. Making up for lost time. Stay healthy!

  4. Elliott has that little walker and he is obsessed with it. I'm having a hard time with planning his 1st birthday party too.

  5. He doesn't sleep in a crib anymore?! I'm shocked, how do they do that??


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