Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One day I'll learn...

Holy moly house hunting is exhausting.  And emotional.  And stressful.

It was exciting at first.  So many options and things to think about.  What was important to us?  What could we live without?  And then anxiety-provoking.  Where do we want to live?  What do we feel we can afford?  Will we get a good price?

We went to 4 open houses on Sunday and by the time we got home, all three of us were totally spent. Henry was quite the champ.  In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out of the carseat.  He ate his lunch in the car.  We changed diapers in the car.  He took naps in the car.

Champion baby.

He's making us pay for it now.  Or he's teething.  His daycare teacher suggested he might be getting hand, foot, and mouth disease (oh please no).  No matter how you slice it, my sweet little baby has been currently replaced with a screaming hyena and I am not a big fan.  I know my sweet little Hank is still in there.

This happens every time.  I get all nervous because Henry gets really grumpy and then three days later, he ends up being sick and I feel like a total idiot for not recognizing it right away.  It's been 10 months (not 10 days) and he is a super happy baby, so obviously I am REALLY slow learner.

As exciting as I am sure it is to read about us being stressed looking at homes or with a sick baby, I will go ahead and stop.  I supposed I really could have heated things up and also mentioned that we filed our taxes (last minute, you say?) but we will try to keep things rated G.

Sunday evening, we went to Target to pick up some pillowcases for Henry's daycare pillow and some plastic Easter eggs for his Easter basket (I will really miss being able to buy gifts in front of him).

{Try not to look too closely at me.  This was the end of the day on Sunday}

We ran across the Bunny ears on the way in and couldn't resist.  He tolerated them quite well and had a death grip on the eggs.  Seriously, he carried them through the entire store and then pitched a fit when the checker went to scan them.  Somebody has a new favorite holiday!


  1. House hunting is so hard! I bought my place last July and my poor boyfriend dealt with me crying probably once a week. As cliche as it sounds - I walked in and was like "I need to live here now." and thats where I moved! Unfortunately, the building doesn't allow dogs which I really wanted in my immediate future but we definitely have to make sacrifices! Can't wait to follow your process!

  2. He is soo cute!! I hope he isn't sick! How would he get hands foot and mouth disease? I can see how house hunting would be hard with a baby in tow! You will find the perfect solution soon!

  3. I had to laugh about the gift thing. You will be surprised how long you can get away with it. Fyi, I have found that the best place to hide Christmas gifts is in empty suitcases.


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