Monday, April 28, 2014

6 hours of cooking 1 day or 1 hour of cooking 6 days...

You know how when you are going to be out of the office, you end up having to work twice as hard to get things prepared?  Like everything that will need to be done while you are gone, must be done before you actually go?  Usually this is because you are going on vacation.  But it can also be the case if you are going to training.

This entire week, I will be at a radon measurement and mitigation course.  Radon has become a bit of a hot topic in the past couple of years.  And even though I am qualified to design radon mitigation systems, I would to get certified and learn what the experts have to say.

It made for a busy last week.  I had to get two weeks worth of work done in one.

In addition to the training this week, I also have an evening meeting one night.  And the training is an hour drive away, so I get to get up SUPER early, pump before I do, and drive in traffic.

It will be awesome.

Since I know I will be super tired when I get home and will only want to spend time with my guys, I decided to spend a little energy this weekend making sure I don't have to cook during the week.

So Saturday afternoon, I got to it.  I spend the first hour putting away dishes and cleaning the kitchen (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and Phil is usually the one to put away dishes and clean up but I chose to let it go).  After that, it was down to business.  I got started cooking around 4 and finally finished will all the dishes done and put away by about 10:30.  Those 6.5 hours also included making dinner, eating dinner, nursing Henry twice, putting Henry to bed, and playing with Henry.  So I actually don't think it was that bad, considering.

I made:

- Stuffed peppers
- Shepard's Pie
- Roasted Chicken Thighs with rice and asparagus (dinner that night)
- Turkey Meatballs (this recipe makes like 800 meatballs)
- Hard-boiled eggs (not like that was hard, but it was one more thing to keep track of)
- Broccoli Mac and Cheese
- Prepped fruit for snacks

The fridge is full and I am DONE COOKING for the week!  Now I can focus all my attention this week on learning about gas and my guys.  :)


  1. Nice! That's seriously impressive. I make dinner every night and I'm pretty sure no one in my house realizes the amount of prep there is during the day to make that happen. Especially when there's five mouths to feed.

  2. Ugh, you go girl with your patience! I would give up after 2 hours and take a nap haha


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