Monday, April 21, 2014

Henry's 1st Easter

{Personalized Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids.  Similar HERE}

{Easter basket goodies.  A few bunny themed books, basketball, Tail Spin, plastic eggs and bubbles}

{The ball was a hit}

{Solving the world's energy crisis}

{Henry says, "GIMME EASTER EGGS!"}

We had a great (albeit hectic) Easter.  In an effort to spend as much quality time with everyone, we may have over committed.

We were up at 6 to make sure Brunch would be ready for after church.

Then off to church at 8, home to pick up brunch and over to my parents' house around 10.

Brunch and nap for Henry until 1.

Then down to my aunt's house for dinner while my mom stayed home with my Grandma (who is currently living with my parents and really can't be left alone).

Dinner and Easter egg hunt at my Aunt's house and then back to my parents' house for dessert.

I may have had a small meltdown leaving my parents' house because I was so tired.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I have the meltdown.  Not the baby.

Henry had a great time hunting for eggs (even though he kept looking at us like, "What the heck is going on?" and playing outside in the grass.  He also went to bed at 7:30.  I followed shortly thereafter.


  1. Love that book!!! Noah got one from the same author!! Lol!!
    Looks like an awesome weekend!! Glad you all enjoyed his first Easter!!! Such a cutie!!

  2. LOL -- don't worry about the meltdown. One of the things I've learned being a mama is that no one is happy when they're tired or hungry, and meltdowns are going to happen. I love that last picture of Henry! So cute!


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