Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Henry!!!

It won't be official until 11:32 tonight, but...


You are an awesome dude.  And I love being your mommy.  You've been such a light in a time of a lot of darkness.  I really think God knew our family would need you between mommy's cancer and Papa Ed's cancer.  While we have struggled through the some parts of the first year of parenthood together, all in all you are a pretty darn good baby.

You're not a fan of hugs and kisses, but that makes the ones you give all the sweeter.  And you like to show your affection with proximity.  If I'm walking around, you want to be held by me.  When I'm making dinner, you are at my feet, begging to be picked up.  If you are playing, you like someone in the room with you, preferably on the floor with you.

You took your first 2 steps Wednesday night.  I think it was by accident.  But both your Daddy and I got to see it, so thank you so much for that.  I had resigned myself to the fact that your first steps would probably happen at daycare.  But they didn't.

You made me a mommy and you are such an amazing little man.  I love you more than you will ever know.

In some ways, this year has flown by.  Honestly, I don't think it has.  Your first year of life has had a lot of challenges and changes for all of us.  We made it through together, as a family, just like I hope we will all of life's challenges.  I'm also not so secretly hoping that your second year of life is a little calmer.  :)

I love you, Hank the Tank!!!


  1. He is so cute!!! Can't believe he is one!!! Happy Birthday Henry!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, sweet boy! I looooove these pictures! Happy belated Birthday Henry!


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