Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Things Friday: Fall is coming!!

I actually have a trend for this 5 Things Friday...

We have completed almost all of our Summer To-Do List items (at least all of them that we will actually get accomplished) and that means that mentally, I am gearing up for FALL!!

I know Fall doesn't actually start until the end of September.  And a lot of people are really dreaded the end of Summer.  But Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.  And I am so excited to be spending our first fall season in our new house.

So here's this week's list, with a Fall twist.

1)  Starbucks may have announced that the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be coming out August 25th, but I am going to do my best to resist until at least after Labor Day.  I have some standards over here.  Last year, I was off dairy because I was nursing and Henry was not happy when I ate dairy.  That meant soy drinks.  I tried to trick myself into thinking that it still tasted good, but it really didn't.  There was a weird after taste.  Plus, Phil HATES all things soy (he knows too much about what soy does to the body).  But this year, I can indulge in as much cow's milk PSL as my wallet (and husband) will allow.

2)  We recently got a Hobby Lobby in Oregon (pretty sure it is the first one) and it will take all of my self-control to not go on a full-on shopping spree to decorate my new house.

{image from HERE}

3)  It's not just candles, I now have a fireplace which means I need (NEED) to decorate with seasonal appropriate things.  Did you read that, Phil?  NEED.

{image from HERE}

Granted, we have our television above the fireplace, so most of those ideas won't really work.  But I think I can figure something out.

4)  Phil and I keep thinking of fun things we want to do with Henry again this year.  So far, the list includes, apple picking and the pumpkin patch.  Because we are SUPER original.  But we are also thinking of doing a 5k or 10k at a Harvest Festival, which means running through farms on a early, foggy morning.  Nothing says Fall like that.  I think I will refer to this handy-dandy pinterest list:

{image from HERE}

{Pictures from last year at the pumpkin patch}

5)  I'm also having daydreams of hot apple cider, pumpkin scented candles, crisp fall mornings, thick sweaters and scarves, and making this recipe:

{Recipe found HERE}

Couple that with the fall scented lotions, body washes, and hand soaps Phil gave me the go-ahead to purchase last night (he knows Fall scented everything is my love language)...

My house and I are going to smell GREAT!!!

So that's my list!!  I can't get these things off my mind!!  I will fight the urge to dive into fall before at least September starts.  Wish me luck!


  1. I am very excited for Fall (Autumn here in the UK!) I am excited about slippers, coats, cold winter cheeks and having an excuse to stay home on the sofa, under a blanket all weekend because it is too cold and miserable to do anything else! Cannot wait:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love fall too, but have had such a shitty summer, I'm sad to see it go! I'm ever hopeful we have an Indian summer! Last few weeks have felt like fall here, which is soo odd!! Can't believe how small he was at the pumpkin patch!! I look forward to Halloween with Noah this year!! I do look forward to fall fashion, if I ever end up buying new clothes haha

  3. I love fall so much too. Don't we all? I really enjoy summer, but near the end I'm always like COME ON October!

    That's so refreshing that you guys are aware of the not-healthiness of soy. So many (most!) people truly believe it's the healthier choice and it's really just not - especially for guys! So thanks for mentioning that!


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