Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Things Friday

Well... I lost another blog follower.

I know I should be above it, but I'm not going to lie... I kind of sucks watching something I worked so hard on just keep losing traction.  It's not that I write this to have followers, but it is kind of fun to watch those numbers go up.  And it kind of sucks to watch them go down.

Part of it is my fault.  I haven't exactly written a lot lately.  And none of it is earth-shattering stuff.  I currently don't have a health crisis (thank goodness!) or pregnancy (not yet!) to post about.  And as much as I am sure people want to read about engineering or the 3 hours I get to spend with Henry every day, I think some of my material has been a bit of a snooze.

But I digress... Let's get back to an actual post.

Since Labor Day is this weekend, that means 3 day weekend and SALES!!

We basically one 1 income and a new house, so money is tight which means bargain shopping is all the more important.  So I rely on sales to get the best deal I possibly can.  Here's a list of the things I have my eyes on this weekend via online or in-store sales.

1.  Fall and Winter will require Henry to wear actual shoes again instead of the sandals he has been stinking up for the last few months.  Thankfully, Henry doesn't need more shoes (I bought ahead during some winter sales earlier this spring).  What Henry does need are some socks.  And while it seems silly, I have some definite opinions when it comes to socks for Henry.

Since Henry will hopefully be the first of more children for us, I like to purchase things that will last.  Quality is important to me.  I don't want sock that pill easily.  I also don't want Henry to be able to get them off super easily.  As fun as it is to put socks on over and over and OVER again, once is enough for me.

Trial and error has taught me that there is one brand that REALLY has awesome socks.

Osh Kosh.

I'm sure there are some others out there that are equally amazing, but I LOVE these socks.  That last, they stay on, they aren't too thin and I can purchase a 6-pack of identical socks which means they are super easy to match out of the laundry basket (that's the real selling point).

{Socks found HERE}

This weekend, Osh Kosh has them on sale for $10 instead of $20.  2 packs of white socks and pack of the colored socks will give us every day and dress socks for the year or maybe longer.

Osh Kosh also hase 25% off a purchase of $50 or more.  They also have jeans starting at $10 a pair and polos for $7.  If I can find some cute stuff in some larger sizes, I might also be using that coupon as well.

2.  Osh Kosh's sister company, Carter's, is also having a sale.  Similar discount over $50 plus almost everything is 50% off.

As much as I would love to dress Henry is super chic outfits every day, it just doesn't make sense at daycare.  The main priority at daycare is to have fun, not to stay clean, and that means Henry usually comes home pretty dirty.  Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I would much rather he come home happy, exhausted, and having had a fun day than super clean.  If we are going somewhere after daycare, I just bring a change of clothes.  No bid deal.  But that means I need some comfy and semi-cute clothes for daycare (that also accomodate the cloth diaper butt).

I think the outfits below would be excellent daycare outfits.  Comfy and cute.  Mission accomplished.

{Mini Lumberjack outfit HERE}

{Hunk outfit HERE}

3.  It's not all about Henry over here.  Phil and I have a date night on the horizon and I bought the cutest little dress a few months ago on clearance (like for $13):

{AE Mesh Body Con Dress HERE}

Only problem... I need some shoes to go with.  We will be at a concert where I know I will be on my feet for 3 hours, so they can't be a super high heel.  And I am thinking a bootie would be super cute.  Number one on my are at none other than Target (found HERE) but I like THESE too.

Even better, Target has buy one get one 1/2 off AND if you use the Cartwheel app, you can also get 25% off shoes.

4.  Today and today only, Bath and Body Works has all of their hand soap on sale for just $3 each.  Based on my research, that is the cheapest they will come until they go on clearance.  And it might be a stupid thing to spend money on, but I am a total suck on seasonal scented things.  It makes me inappropriately happy to have fall scented hand soap, so I guess it is worth the $3.

5.  My brother told me this week that Apple has recently found out that a batch of their iPhone 5 phones have faulty batteries.  To fix the problem, they are willing to replace the batteries of the affected phones.  So I went to THIS website and entered in my serial number and, lo and behold, I QUALIFY.  I am so excited because, no joke, by 9 in the morning my phone shows 25% battery left.  That doesn't really count as shopping, but it does require us to go to the Apple store this weekend.

So there you go... a little shopping this weekend.  Phil is cringing reading this I am sure.  Partially because of the $$$ and partially because he knows he will have to go shopping with me.  Poor guy.  At least he and Henry can commiserate together.


  1. Good to know about those socks! With our little one coming soon I'm getting all the tips I can. :-)

  2. Henry is a well-dressed little dude! I like those socks! When I had toddlers living with me, they were always losing their socks. I remember digging through the drawers trying to find two somewhat matching socks in the morning... and sometimes just deciding to stop at Dollar Tree for socks along the way to where we were going! Buying a whole bunch of matching socks is a great idea.
    As for blog followers, how can you tell if you are losing them? Some people may just switch to a different reader. Its also a good idea to visit and comment on other blogs, or respond to comments, so people feel connected enough to keep coming back!


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