Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm a failure!!!

So remember when I wrote about Jiggle-free July?  And I said I was going to start it over again in August?

Well... I started off really well.  I even had a couple of people on Facebook who were doing it with me.  One of my friends coined it "Asses and Ab in August".  Excellent name.

But then we got some discouraging news.  Phil's advisor, who had told him to schedule his defense for September, told him he didn't have enough time in the next month to get Phil to his defense and he needed to move it back.  We were both pretty upset.

They stress of that coupled with preparing for our trip to SF kicked my gastritis into gear again.  That had me in a great deal of pain for a couple of days.  Funny story:  I called the doctor's office because I was in so much pain and they proceeded to ask me question after question to find out if I was having a heart attack.  I'm 29.  Over the phone, the doctor said it was probably gastritis (which I have had in the past) but he wanted me to go to Urgent Care to get checked out.  When I got to Urgent Care, they called me back to the exam room before I had even checked in (that never happens!) and then when the female doctor in her mid-50s came in, she proceeded to look at herself in the mirror and fix her hair for the first minute she was in there while I was explaining my symptoms.


And then when we were in San Francisco, I was so tired from all the walking and Henry carrying I was too exhausted to do any exercising.

Excuses, excuses...  I stopped doing the workout.

I'm don't my best to get back on track now that I am home and getting back into working out.

And I am determined to try again in September!!!

Phil is convinced that whenever I try to do a schedule-based workout, I always get sick.  And so far he is right.  I did a squat challenge in January and got strep throat.  Jiggle-free July saw food poisoning twice (or was it 3 times?).  Asses and Abs in August brought gastritis.  What do you think September will bring?  Smiles?

Cheesy?  Possibly.  But I am optimistic.

So if you feel like joining me in firming up in September, I say GO FOR IT!!  Heaven knows I could use the motivation of having people do it with.  I had several women (all moms with babies younger than Henry) say they were doing it with me last month, but that wasn't enough to keep me on track.  If you expect me to finish it... well... let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Gotta git fit before the Halloween candy bowl comes out!

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