Monday, August 18, 2014


Where have I been?  You didn't know you missed me, but have no fear... I have returned.

I'm a big believer in not advertising when we are away from the house for more than a day and since I really didn't have much else prepared ahead of time, the blog/social media went silent.  I didn't even post pictures to Instagram, which is practically unheard of around here.

So again... where were we?

Phil had a conference in SAN FRANCISCO and Henry and I couldn't help ourselves but to tag along.  5 days away from our favorite man?  Heck no!!  While Phil was busy at the conference, Henry and I hit the town for some adventures of our own.

{Walking around the park by the hotel and trying to get in the fountain}

{Upper deck of a hop on hop off tour bus}

{Being super cute}

{Eating ice cream at Ghiradelli Square}

{And then being really upset when I wouldn't let him eat it all}

{Do you think he's spoiled?  It was too cute to not purchase them}

We are home now and Henry is in heaven having all of his toys back and I am in heaven because I don't have to constantly chase him around a un-baby proof room saying, "Don't touch that!" 8,000 times.

I am also equipped with many a story to tell (lucky blog).

All in all, it was a great trip.  Henry and I haven't spent that much quality time together just the two of us since he was a newborn and it was easy to tell that he and I are a lot more bonded after the trip.  It's small things like he holds my hand while he walks (he never did that before) and he likes to cuddle before bed (never did that either).


  1. Welcome back! So pleased you had a lovely time away and glad you got some one-on-one bonding time with your son! It is crazy how you can carry them around with you for 9 months, they are a part of you, and then as soon as they are born, they're off exploring the big wide world!

    He is incredibly gorgeous - you're a very lucky mama!

  2. Lucky bums!! I'd love to goto San Fran! It's on my bucket list! Um when did Henry get soo big!! Ugh slow down little man!! Sounds like you guys had a lot if fun!!! Welcome back!!


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