Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night Meeting

I had a meeting last night.  It was only supposed to take about 30 minutes.  Simple and quick.

It took 2 hours.

I got home at 7:30, which was just in time for Henry to go to bed.  I am thankful I got to at least help put him to bed.

And my separation was eased a little bit because Phil kept me well updated with pictures like this one:

I called on my way home, Henry rushed over to Phil holding the phone and said, "HI!" just clear as day.

I was desperate to get home and scoop him up!  You know that impatient, anxious feeling you get in the pit of your chest?  I'm lucky I didn't fly home.

When I finally got home, Henry was too busy doing exhausted laps around the kitchen to give me a hug.  But I did learn that he learned a new phrase tonight.  Seriously... one evening and I miss new words.  This working mom stuff is serious business.

While they were reading a book, Phil closed it and tried to get Henry to kind of wipe his hands together to basically say, "All done!"  Henry didn't get the hand motion down, but he now says, "All done!"

What am I going to miss during my next night meeting?  Will he have solved the world's energy crisis?!

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  1. that can be rough.. my husband misses out on so many of these little things.. i try t keep him up to date with pictures and videos and we try to duplicate them over the weekend and at night before bed.. but ever so often one of the kids will do something and my husband will call me to show me the unbelievable thing that just happened and i am say.. "that? oh yea he's been doing that for weeks now.. didn't i tell you?" :(


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