Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Things Friday

We survived another week!!  That deserve celebration, right there.  A part of me is mostly excited that I actually followed through with my planned meals this week.  It's the little things, right?

Super random list here for you.

1.  Probably most notable this week is that my new iPhone came in the mail.  I decided I wanted to go for the big guy... the 6 plus.  I have been thinking about getting an iPad mini and figured that the 6 plus would allow me to skip that and have my phone and tablet in one.  A phablet.

I pre-ordered my phone on September 12th and the estimated shipping date from Apple was sometime between November 9 and November 27.  So imagine my surprise when it shipped last Saturday.

The phone came Tuesday.

It is huge.

I was a little nervous at first.  The first day at work, everyone just held it and talked about how ridiculous the size was.  Or they talked about how they had read about how ridiculous the size was.

I've now had it two whole days and...  I LOVE IT!

In case you are debating 6 vs. 6+... Phil has put it in his pocket and decided that he will get the 6.  The plus is kind of big and bulking in men's front jean pockets.

2.  Have you heard that Gilmore Girls will be on Netflix starting in October?  Well, it is true!!  It is kind of dumb how excited I was about this considering I own the entire series.  But this way, I won't have to switch disks which is just such a hassle, you know?  #firstworldproblems

3.  I am aware that with ISIS and ebola outbreaks that that last comment about disk switching is insane.  Just wanted to clarify that I am aware.  And it was a joke.

4.  Henry has had a rough couple of days this week.  His last molar is just right under the surface and I know it is bothering him.  His finger has been in his mouth and his poor chin has had a rash all over it.  But the biggest thing I have noticed is that he doesn't really want to be touched.  He won't let me give him kisses or hugs.  I would be lying if I said it wasn't hurting my feelings a little bit.

But then tonight I found this picture from Sunday:

And I remembered the 30 second kiss he gave me at church Saturday night.

And I'm trying to tell myself that he just doesn't feel well.  I don't really want to kiss anyone when my mouth hurts either.

5.  Up until recently, Henry had very little interest in being read to.  He had to be in just the right mood and even then, it only lasted a couple of pages.  But this week, we decided to start adding a bedtime story to the nighttime routine.  And he seems to really like it!

We have been reading 1 or 2 books every night, after jammies right before he lays down.  And since I don't enjoy reading the same 10 books over and OVER and OVER again, Henry and I will be heading to the library this weekend to check out some more books.

I'm excited for multiple reasons.  First, I love libraries.  Second, this will be Henry's first trip to the library.  Phil and I love books and I am hoping Henry will share our feelings.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, you've had a busy week! ISn't it kind of funny how phones were getting tinier and tinier for a while, and now they're getting bigger and bigger again? Soon we will be hauling around laptop computers and using them as phones! But I am jealous of your new phone. Mine is so junky. Also I remember when Squeak was teething and had that rash all over his mouth and neck. It must sometimes suck to be a baby!


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