Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lunch Time

The schedule at daycare changed a little bit and Henry's teacher is no longer there in the evenings when I go to pick him up.  I kind of hate the change.  Call me crazy, but I kind of like hearing how his day way and if anything went wrong.

The nice thing is that she is usually pretty good at writing notes on his daily rugrat report.

But I was a little confused when she wrote that Henry had "refused" to eat his lunch.  So I asked her about it this morning when I dropped him off.

She said that when they put his food in front of him at lunch yesterday, he looked down at his food, then up at them and huge tears started streaming down his face.

{I wasn't there to see it, but this was the look I got in SF when I took away his ice cream sundae.  
I'm imagining it was similar to this}

I felt like a pretty great mom at that point.

You want to know what was in his lunchbox?  Cheese pizza, zucchini casserole (which he has been eating), a banana, peanut butter crackers.

He didn't like the cheese pizza yesterday I guess.

Then his teacher said, "We thought maybe the food might have been a little weird, but we tasted it and it was good!"

I know I tend to err on the healthy side of things, but I don't think I have sent him any "weird" food.

They fed them some of their own lunch (which made me feel even worse) along with some crackers and things so he would, you know... STARVE.

Thankfully, we went back to the old stand-by of black beans, sweet potato sticks, a whole peach, grapes, and a banana today.  We also threw in some buttered toast.  Hopefully he will find that lunch acceptable.  He's been a bit of a challenge lately to feed.  We had a bit of a reprieve last week when teething seemed to let up, so I am hopeful once this last molar comes in, his palate will expand.  I mean, how many meals can a toddler eat black beans?

I'm going to try to get the mental image of him looking down at his lunch and then bursting into tears out of my head.  Wish me luck.


  1. saddest image ever! And I think eating black beans in a row...maybe 600 days? Mine eats pasta with butter for almost every dinner...eventually he'll eat something else right?!

  2. Oh no! Kids refuse the strangest things sometimes. I guess it's good to know that they won't starve themselves.


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