Monday, September 15, 2014

Saturday Night Church

For once, we had a weekend that I didn't feel like flew by in a flash.  Our church started a Saturday evening service this week and since the church service we usually attend is RIGHT at the beginning of Henry's weekend nap time (he has a different nap time for daycare and for us, completely self imposed), it can make church a little... distracting.

As in Phil and I spend the entire hour passing Henry back and forth to each other while he does a crocodile death row.  We also attempt to distract him and keep him quiet through any means necessary included books, drawing, and food.  Whatever scenario takes place, it isn't super conducive to paying attention to the sermon.  Most of the time, we leave and I have no idea what the sermon topic was about.

We could take him to the nursery, but he already spends all week away from me at daycare.  I'm not too keen on having him with someone else watch him for any more than I have to.

Long story short, we went to church Saturday night.  It was excellent.  The service was nice and relaxed.  Henry was calm.  I think we found a new church service.

Another bonus... we had Sunday morning totally free, both in terms of time and guilt (I've got the guilt thing down.  I would have made a great Catholic).

We didn't go anywhere.

Eventually, I will learn to use my camera.

Oh and I gave Henry a haircut.  And cut him.  Mother of the year.

After a rough couple of weeks feeling like we are drowning a little, we had a nice relaxing weekend.  And I even feel like I am mentally prepared for the week ahead.

I'm still working on getting our house more organized.  I have a couple of ideas in the works, I just haven't gotten a chance to get them totally figured out.  But when I do, I will share them.  Secrets don't make friends.  :)

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