Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby's 1st Stitches

WARNING:  There are some pictures.  Don't look at them if you are squeamish.

It's pretty much never good when daycare calls during the day.  So when I saw daycare pop up on my caller I.D. Friday morning, I said, "Uh no..." before I picked up.

This is what I heard when I picked up:

(With Henry crying in the background) "Natalie, Henry was walking with a helmet in his hand and he fell down and it poked him in the eye.  You need to come right now and take him to the doctor."

I'm pretty sure I jumped up, grabbed my purse, and was out the door in about .26 seconds.  I drove as quickly and reasonably as I could.  I mean, an injury to his eye?!  What would it be like?  Would he be able to see?  What do you even do with an eye injury?

I couldn't call Phil because I knew he was in a meeting.  One step at a time.  I called the doctor's office on the way there.  Since I had NO information, they called daycare and talked to directly to them.  Next step... get to Henry.

I pulled into the parking lot and one of his teachers opened the side door for me to come in to.  She motioned for me to hurry.  Needless to say, my heart was racing.  It's moments like these that you wonder how you don't end up just bursting into tears.  But somehow you don't.  Adrenaline is a crazy thing.

I walked in and Henry is on the changing table.  The director of the center is there, along with the head of the baby rooms and Henry's teacher.  As I walked up, he is still crying quite a bit.  And then I get a look at him.

He was bleeding, but it was coming from a cut above his eye.  Not his actual eye.

A huge sigh of relief came out.

Ok so he would need stitches.  But his eye was fine.  Not that I was thrilled with the idea of him having stitches, but no permanent injury to the eye.  I was so grateful.

They told me he was walking, trying to put a construction hard hat on and he tripped, fell, and the edge of the hat hit above his eyebrow.

I was able to pick him up and he stopped crying.  Then we sat on the couch and waited for the doctor's office to call me back.  In the meantime, Phil text me to tell me he was home from his meeting.  So we facetimed him.  Imagine his surprise when he answered the phone and saw this:

We ended up needing to go to the hospital.

{In the ER waiting room.  It opened up and bled a little more on the way to the hospital.  
My mom told me to not wipe it off before we checked in 
at the hospital (to get in faster).  It didn't work}

We were there about 3 hours (during naptime), it took 3 people to hold him down, and he got 3 stitches.  Things come in 3's right?

He fell asleep before we had even backed out of the parking stall.

{Missed his nap and was held down for 45 minutes.  He was TIRED}

You know what?  You wouldn't even know anything happened to him.  This was him the next day:

I think I am still a little traumatized about the whole thing.  Dropping him off at daycare yesterday (and really the whole day) was hard.

We'll have a follow-up with his doctor this week and I want to put him in a big cushioned bubble.  That accident insurance policy I took out a few months ago is already proving worth it.  I think we will add this one to the baby book.

Cute story from daycare:
While Henry was on the changing table crying, all of his friends were very upset that he was hurt.  They were all standing around the changing table, crying, yelling, "Henry!"  The teacher then used it as a time to talk to the babies about boo-boos and helping your friends when they are hurt.  How cute is that?!


  1. oh my gosh! Horrible! But glad that he was back to his usual self the next day. But yes adrenaline probably gets us Mama's through a lot. You seemed to handle it well :)

  2. Oh. No! I would have been upset too!! Glad he is okay and that us was above his eye!! Poor little guy! I do not look forward to Noah's first accident or trip to the ER!!

  3. Oh, poor little guy! I'm so glad it wasn't worse!

  4. I'm glad that he's ok!! And verrrrry cute about the kids all shouting his name and being caring. Love it! :)

  5. Oh gosh every momma's worst nightmare! Thank goodness it wasn't his eye!


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