Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sense of Calm

Things have been kind of crazy lately.  Just really busy.  Like stuff every night of the week and full weekends.

I don't even remember what I did 2 weekends ago, but I know it was jam-packed.

Some of the things I have been busy with have been so much fun.  Last weekend, I spent Saturday as a judge for the Keizer Junior Miss/Distinguished Young Women Program.  I had SO MUCH FUN!  It is stressful being a judge.  And even though I was a judge, I was really proud of those girls.  I think because I have been a contestant, I know how terrifying the process can feel.  The fact that they all made it through is awesome. We also got to do a mock-interview with Oregon's Distinguished Young Woman and see her talent before she heads to Nationals.  It was SO GOOD!!  What an awesome talent!  I am excited to see how she does at Nationals. 

I hope I get asked to be a judge again or to help out in another capacity.  I even signed Joanna up to do it in the future.  Joanna was Klamath Fall's Junior Miss (that's how we met).

Then I spent Sunday helping Tegan with her wedding invitiations.  They look great!  And we got so much done.  I felt like it was a very productive day.  I also got several ideas for her bridal shower.

So this week I have been trying to finish a few projects at home and finish up something at work while preparing for Phil's parents to come for a visit this weekend.

Throw in some complications of working with your family.

And  a messy house.

I am trying to not stress out.

But through all of it, I kind of have an overwhelming sense of calm.  And I swear it isn't from drinking.  :)

I just feel like things are going to work out.  I was fairly upset after a conversation with my uncle at work yesterday went south (aka he started yelling at me) but I didn't stomp off.  I didn't slam doors.  I didn't make a big deal out of it.  I left the room and went back to work.  I got stuff done.  And I was able to do that because I just knew things were going to work out.

And with Phil's parents visiting (something that hasn't gone so well in the past), I feel like it will be fine.  Challenging, I am sure though.  It is hard for me to get passed past hurts and wrong-doings.  But I am going to give it my best shot.

And it will be fine.  I just need to get my house cleaned.

Love, Mrs. Janney


  1. Cleaning the house always seems to be the worst part! Hoping good things come from this visit with the in-laws! :)


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