Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am funny

Have you noticed those people on street corners holding advertising signs? 

I think it started with "Little Ceasars" have other people thought it was a great idea.  Round Table Pizza does it.  I have seen Tax Prep places do it.

The one that I really don't understand are the people that hold up mattress store signs.  The Pizza sign one makes sense.  You are driving home from work, tired, and wondering what you are going to do for dinner.  You see the person (who often looks like they haven't bathed in a week) dancing like an idiot with a sign saying they have pizzas already made, nice and hot and for only $5.  You pull in, pay $5 and you are on your way home within a couple of minutes.

But that logic doesn't hold true with a mattress store.  You are sitting a stop light one day when you notice out of the corner of your eye, a person waving around a sign promoting the mattress store down the street and think to yourself, "Hey!!  I could use a new mattress!!  Thank heaven for that sign."  Yeah no.  Mattress aren't exactly impulse buys.

So I thought that joke was pretty funny.  I told Phil when I become a professional stand-up comedian, that joke was definitely going in my act.  He thought I was pretty funny.  Then he informed me the other day that he heard the same joke on the radio by an already legit comedian.  He stole my joke!

But Phil said I should feel pretty good about myself and legit because an actual comedian used my joke.

So I think I am officially funny.

Love, Mrs. Janney

(Yeah... none you probably agree with that)

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