Friday, June 17, 2011

Tommy Emmanuel

For our first anniversary, I got Phil concert tickets.  I was super proud of myself because the traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  What on earth was I going to get Phil that was paper that he would be excited about?  Not to mention that I think Phil is really hard to buy for.  He likes guitars and fly fishing.  I know nothing about either of those.  So anyway, I was pretty proud of myself when I figured out concert tickets.

So I got him tickets to 2 shows.  The first was Tommy Emmanuel.  He was playing at the Elsinore Theater in Salem which was perfect.  It was really nice to not have to drive an hour for the concert.  And I hadn't been to the Elsinore since about the third grade.

I hadn't heard of Tommy Emmanuel when I bought the tickets, but I knew he was a guitar player.  I love Phil so much that I would endure listening to anything for his happiness (for a maximum of 2 hours).  So I bought the tickets.  After I bought the tickets, I googled him. 

I found this:

After I heard that, even I was super excited to go.  I was even more jazzed about my gift for Phil.  I had a hard time keeping it a secret from him.

The concert was last night and it was SO GOOD!!  Loved the songs.  He is quite entertaining.  The concert was almost two and a half hours and it flew by.  I think that is a mark of a entertaining show.

I think Phil liked the first concert.  The next concert I got him tickets for is Carbon Leaf in September.  I am pretty excited about that one too.

Love, Mrs. Janney

PS - I have been feeling pretty down lately.  There have been a few things going on that have me seeing the glass half empty.  I struggle with pessimisn a lot and it is something I would like to change about myself.  Therefore, I am going to start stating at least one thing I am thankful for each day (or at least the day of the blog post).

Today... I am thankful that Trader Joe's is finally open.  And I am also thankful that my dad took me there already today.

And I am thankful I got to see Tommy Emmanuel play live last night with my honey. 

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