Wednesday, February 5, 2014


When Cotton was a puppy, we would run across some people who would stop us and say, "Is that a Brittany?"

Proud of our new little furball, we would say, "Yes he is!"

And they would reply, "Oh nice!  You'll have a great dog in about 4 years."


After owning Cotton for a few more months, we understood what they meant.  He is a great puppy.  But he is still very much a puppy.

Needless to say, we were a little concerned when we discovered we would have a 1 year old rambunctious puppy and a baby.

From the beginning, Cotton has been more than interested in Henry.  We have tried to encourage the curiosity while establishing the need to be "careful" (a concept that of course is totally understood by the dog).  To be on the safe side, we even bought a baby gate to set up a dog-free space for Henry.

Much to our surprise, Cotton has learned the ropes when it comes to Henry.  When he starts to play with Taylor, he does it AWAY from Henry.  He walks slowly around Henry.  And more than anything, he just wants to sit with him.

It's actually really cute.

{Notice Taylor in the background.  She's still mad we brought Cotton home.}

I think they are best friends.

And that actually makes dealing with Cotton's lingering puppy-ways more palatable.


  1. Seeing that cute little boy of yours or those sweet pups is always a treat, but having them together, just perfect! These two make a great duo, oh so sweet, wait till he's a bit bigger, it's the best. The way our girl takes care of our dog and tries to include her in many things is just wonderful to witness and be a part of!

  2. Awww!!! So cute. And even cuter that Henry will get to grow up with your pup!! :)


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