Monday, February 10, 2014

Photo Dump

I am awful about downloading pictures from my camera.  This is evident on my DSLR and my iPhone.  I had over 1,300 pictures on my camera.  Finally, I downloaded them all and then deleted them from my camera.  Apparently it happens less than once a year.

I really should do it more often because I found all kinds of gems.

Like Cotton checking out Henry in his napper on his first day home.

Early smiles.

 Hanging out with Daddy on his first Father's Day.

One month old.

Getting baptized.

Hanging out in Virginia.

First trip to the beach.

Jumpin' fun.

Pumpkin Patch.

Chillin' with Sophie.

Christmas Tree.

I really should download pictures more often.


  1. Adorable photos! :) I especially like the beach photos.

    I'm also terrible about putting all of my photos onto my computer. Like you though, I felt inspired this weekend (probably because the iPhone constantly telling me I cannot take any more photos since I didn't have enough memory) to put them all on my computer and delete them. I should probably do it more often too. :)

  2. You totally should download pictures more often!! He is freaking adorable!


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