Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day

It really doesn't snow where we live very much.  And when it does snow, it is usually just a dusting that is basically gone before you can really attempt to make a snowman.

We had some snow in December on a weekday, so I had to go to work.  And while I was at work, I was kicking myself that I had to be at the office and couldn't take my baby outside to show him the snow.  Truthfully, I wanted some pictures of him in the perfect snow.

But I didn't get that chance.  In true Pacific Northwest fashion, the snow was gone before I got the chance to take Henry outside during daylight.  I kind of mentally shrugged my shoulders and thought, "Oh well..." thinking that there was very little likelihood I would get the chance again this year.

Cue last week.  We got snow again.  This time, it was even more than before and it was actually A LOT of snow.

Seriously... we NEVER get snow.

I'm still trying to explain to my husband that the reason we don't have snow plows is because this NEVER happens.

So Friday, on my way to work in the pretty pretty snow, I again was angry that I had to work.  And just then I decided I wasn't going to let myself regret this snow day.  It was supposed to snow again that afternoon and I was going to leave work early to take my son outside and show him snow.

So I did.

I'm really glad I did.

One of the hardest parts of being a working mom is the never-ending guilt.  If I am home, I feel guilty about not working.  If I am working, I feel guilty about not being home.  Time passes so quickly and there are certain things you just can't get back.  It's important to keep an eye on your true priorities.  I want to be a good engineer and business owner, but more importantly, I want to be a great mom and I don't want to miss out on experiences with my children.

Henry won't remember his first day in the snow, but that doesn't matter as much.  I will.


  1. Beautiful photos! Your son is so cute. :)

    I live in the PNW too and have been so happy to have all this snow! This has got to be the most snow we've ever had. It was so beautiful and I'm bummed to see it go. I'm glad you got out and enjoyed it. No need to feel any guilt for that. :)

  2. Oh his snow pictures turned out so cute! His eyes are such an intense blue. He reminds me so much of my little girl with those eyes and chubby cheeks!

  3. Ahhh I'm like, dying of cute right now!!

  4. Oh I am SO glad that you did. Look at that FACE. These photos just made me smile, as did you deciding to ditch work a little early to make it happen. But don't feel guilty for not being there all the time. You are teaching valuable lessons by working just as you would be by staying home, just different lessons. And you still clearly are balancing things well. :) Go mama!

  5. Wow I didn't expect snow pictures in May! So adorable. I know exactly what you mean by the never ending guilt (guilt being at work, then guilt being at home....). Nice to meet another female engineer!

  6. that hat... I need it! :) If you send it to me, I'll send it back after I get one picture with my kids in it...being a working mom, when we thought my son was going to crawl, I told my husband, he is NOT going to do his first crawl without me there, and then we proceeded to do everything we could so that he would crawl that night...and he did, haha!

  7. These pictures are adorable!! And kind of having me craving a snow day which is total crazy talk :)
    You are such a good mommy! The guilt we can feel is insane and so not fun! But you're totally right, it's important to keep our eyes on our true priorities. It will make it easier to brush off the guilt!


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