Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And he's off!!!

Please ignore my annoying voice in the video.

But we have a walker!!

This happened last Sunday (the 13th).  What's funny is that he was more than capable of walking for at least the last month.   Probably longer.  But he just wouldn't do it.  Maybe a couple of steps here and there.  But for the most part, he wanted to crawl.

Frankly, I needed him to be able to walk.  The dude weighs about 30 lbs and my lower back is basically in constant agony from picking him up.  Not to be dramatic or anything.

I know some people have told me that once he starts walking, all we will be doing is chasing him.  But honestly that kind of started when he started crawling.  And I'm ready for his hands to get off the ground.  Plus I could use the extra cardio.  :) 


  1. yay for walking! OMG 30 pounds, I couldn't imagine! My 3.5 year old weighs that and when he asks to be carried I can only do it for a short while. Let alone to a 1 year old who doesn't walk yet! And I think my 18 pound daughter is heavy enough. Yay for walking and congrats!

  2. Hooray for walking! Honestly, people who tell you that once they walk, it's over with the peace and quiet, well, they're kids, your peace and quiet ended when you have a baby LOL and I get you with getting their hands of the floor. All the time she crawled, I was this huge germaphobe (basically still am, cause they touch everything, you don't want them to touch). And wow 30 pounds for a one year old, my 4 year old only weighs that and it's killing my back, so I can understand you with a one year old!

  3. Yay, oh the trouble he will find now haha!! Good job buddy!!!


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