Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gallery Wall Pictures

I debuted the gallery wall in yesterday's post and I have to say, I'm still loving it.  Although all the effort it took to get it done resulted in me doing NOTHING last night.

That's not totally true... I made lasagna.  So I did something.  And I watched Frozen.

Super productive.

Anyway, I realized that the picture of the gallery didn't show off the pictures we chose to put up.  And some of them are just too good to keep to myself.

{From the day we took pictures of Henry in the snow}

{Engagement picture making out in a waterfall by Kelly Miller Photography}

{Helicopter ride in Hawaii during our honeymoon}

{Taken on a hike at Silver Falls}

{Maternity picture by Annie Groves Photography}

{Maternity picture by Annie Groves Photography.  She's so amazing.  
Made me look great when I was huge.  That's talent}

{Taken using Ed's camera during Thanksgiving}

{I love love LOVE this picture and will probably treasure it forever}

{Newborn picture by Annie Groves Photography}

{Annie Groves Photography.  She moved to Hawaii and 
I'm contemplating a trip just so we can get some awesome family pictures done}

{From fishing at the Beach.  I was on the LID diet, waiting to have follow-up scans done and pretty scared.  But everything turned out great and the extra scan actually gave me HUGE peace of mind}

So there you go.  A small collection of some of my favorite pictures.  There are so many more I could have picked, but the good thing is that now that the frames are up it will be pretty easy to switch pictures in the future.

Ok I will stop patting my own back about hanging up pictures.

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