Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gone Fishing

While we were camping, my brother decided he wanted Phil to go fishing with him and his boys (Jacob and David) and Jeffrey. 

{Isn't their family cute?!?}

{This isn't our group}

{This is}

{Jacob being a fisherman}

We went to a stocked reservoir and fished off the bank.  Since we were at the Oregon coast, it was very overcast and the fog rolled in quite a bit while we were fishing, but it was so nice.

{Watching Phil get the fishing poles ready and bait the hooks was super cute}

{I don't think that is what the net is for}

{This is what timeout looks like while fishing}

My favorite part of the outing was when Phil taught David (who is 4 years old) how to cast.  And this wasn't with a little kids pole.  This was Nick's grandpa's fishing pole.

Phil did a great job being patient with David and explaining to him how to hold the line and flip the reel and how you have to release the line with you throw the pole forward.  Watching David's little pudgy finger grab the line with his tongue stinking out in concentration was a definite Hallmark moment.  And he got it right away.  So cute.

{He got it}

Nobody caught anything, but it was still a very nice little outing.  And it was extremely peaceful and beautiful.


  1. In my experience with fishing, that is EXACTLY how you use that net.

  2. really love the last image...looks like one of those pinterest shots people always attach quotes to.
    just stopped by your blog for the first time and I love that you're a woman in science - I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum, but I have a such a huge appreciate for that, it's seems so rare! well, I'm definitely subscribing!

  3. fishing. oh, how i don't go fishing with chris when he leaves me every other weekend to go. fishing.

    next time he goes, i'm coming over to see that cotton. and taylor. and you.

  4. This reminds me of my Dad teaching me how to fish! Also, little kids with lures? Be glad everyone still has their eyes :)


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