Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm afraid of bread

Alright.  It has been 10 days.  I have like 4 days left (I am pretty sure).  Literally my life right now revolves around food.  What I can eat.  What I can't eat.  Only 4 days left.  :)

I got freaked out yesterday morning from drinking San Pellegrino.  It's mineral water.  Apparently it contains 14 of 15 important minerals.  All but iodine.  Geez.

Did I accidentally order a Coke? (insert panic attack)

I've been having dreams that I accidentally have eaten something that I shouldn't.  Like a glass of milk.  Or spinach.  Or calves liver.  All things I would eat in real life obviously.

Basically I spend all my time eating fruits and vegetables, with splashs of beans daydreaming about unlimited amounts of carbohydrates and cheese.  Or wait I eat loads of peanut butter as well.  When I do convert a meal to low-iodine, it tends to be tasteless.  I think it is a lack of butter.  The only thing that doesn't cause food to be tasteless?  To eat everything seperately.

But I have found meal that has no dread.  Delicious-ness on a plate.  This will be made once the diet is over, for sure.

Mixed greens with avocado, candied walnuts (made from scratch) and roasted chicken breast (2 ounces) with a red wine vinegrette (made from scratch).

I just realized I had 2 ounces of meat and no grains yesterday.  I'd better be losing weight.  And I maintain that people who choose juice-fasts are crazy.


  1. seriously, this salad looks and sounds amazing!! way to find something GOOD to eat while still staying true to the diet!

  2. i felt bad yesterday when we were doing all the eating.
    but i am so glad you came. so glad.

  3. I have the same issue- when I'm being strict with myself and eating lots of healthy veggies, I start dreaming about eating ice cream and tons of junk! I wake up feeling sad and it takes me a minute to realize I only "ate" the bad stuff in my dreams, haha

  4. 4 days!!! You can make it! I get so excited when I find a meal that I LOVE and fits the restrictions of my diet.


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