Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Beach

This last weekend was my family's annual campout.  It is a gathering of my grandma's kids and my grandma's sister's kids.  It now totals over 50 people.  And not everyone was there.  Basically we take over a portion of a state campground.

It was also Cotton's first time camping/at the beach.

He survived.  At one point Taylor knocked his pen over with her rope and he ran straight to our tent.  What a good little boy.  :)

And I think he enjoyed the beach.


He pooped sand for like a day.  And I think that marking on his side looks like a "C".  "C" for Cotton.


  1. Oh my god. The first picture of him running. I died. So cute!

  2. where did you camp? I am always on the lookout for good camping spots!

  3. Cute as a button, that Cotton and it's a C indeed :-) So cool! Looks you had all had a great time, dogs included :-)

  4. the marking on his side definitely does look like a C for Cotton! Awesome!

  5. We have a family reunion every five or so years of roughly 50 all. I know its on the west coast somewhere, either OR or CA but not sure which...but all my pics look just like yours. All I know was beaches are way colder on the west coast!


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