Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beam Me Up

Ok I actually thought of several different titles for this post.  Other options included "Ode to Iodine" or "My Week in the Car" or something stupid like that.

Yesterday was my date with my radioactive iodine dose.  Tomorrow morning I go in for my scan and blood test.  Prayers and good thoughts are needed since I really REALLY REALLY don't want there to be anything weird on that scan or blood test.


It has been interesting week, to say the least.  Especially since Phil has been gone so I've been having to take care of the dogs and myself (which isn't a big deal but usually Phil helps A LOT with the dogs... and me who am I kidding).  But I have figured that getting shots in the butt really isn't too big of a deal.  And that is probably a good thing since I am hoping to do some fertility treatments which could very possibly involve multiple shots in the hip.

However, that nice little pregnancy test blood draw is turning into quite the lovely raised bruise.  Probably because he used an actual syringe to suck the blood out.  I've never had that done before.  By the time I get done tomorrow, I will have had 5 pokes in 5 days (3 different blood draws, 2 shots).  I am a human pin cushion.

Also, I am too young to be dealing with this crap.  For example, when I was waiting at the hospital yesterday  for my pregnancy test results (thanks for adding insult to injury hospital.  I could have told you I wasn't pregnant without the $50 blood test that my insurance won't cover even though it was required) before my dose, I took a look around.  I was the only person under 60 in the waiting room.  That's because people in their 20's aren't supposed to have to do this crap.  Hopefully this is my last one.

Secretly I am hoping that this little dose of radioactive iodine will finally give me a super power.  Totally likely, right?

And since I am trying to do my best to stay calm and not freak out, here is another picture from the beach:

I get to go back to eating normally on Saturday.  :)  2 more days!!


  1. Good luck with all of your tests. I am sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Maybe you're going to turn into Spiderwoman? Once I had some sort of radioactive stuff injected into me and they watched it go through my system on a CT scan. It was weird to watch. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you, I just know it will all turn out okay.

  3. I think I had the same thing done as Shannon. I felt like I glowed in the dark. Hang in there, this can be useful!

  4. I'm hoping you get superpowers.

    If you do, please fly to my house so we can be friends.


  5. Sending you all positive prayers and thoughts tomorrow for your test! And why need superpowers, I think you're already super for going through all this and have the energy to blog about it and be so honest!

    Love that beach pic btw!

  6. I hope you can climb sheer glass without suction cups after all these treatments. Might as well get some cool powers for all of this radioactivity. Or something equally cool and useful.

    HCG shots in the butt are the worst.

  7. Here's to wishing you super powers!


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