Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Friends

{Pictures taken on two separate weekends. 
You can tell by looking at the amount of freckles on Cotton's nose.}

It's been a long and EXTREMELY frustrating week.  I've spent way too long on the phone trying to get my shots ordered.  I keep getting told, "We are having a hard time getting the shots approved by your insurance.  We are stuck in that process right now."  To which I reply, "How long will it take to get that sorted out?" thinking that it doesn't take that long to pick up the phone and just call the dang insurance.  Heck... I've done it myself about 5 times this week already.  Then they answer, "3 days at most." 
And while some people may hang up the phone at this point and shout explatives while banging their heads against the wall, I do not settle.

Needless to say, I am not making any friends at the specialty pharmacy.  Not to self - don't expect a Christmas card from them.

Anyway... Here's hoping that you have a wonderful weekend and get to spend it with your best friend.  Just like my dogs get to.  :)


  1. My mom is constantly in a fight with the specialty pharmacy for her Remicade (injections for her Rheumatoid Arthritis). They have to be shipped all fancy in ice boxes and they have to arrive on time or everything is effed up. Those pharmacies suck.

  2. how cute are they! i'm glad theyre finally best friends.

  3. eh, those pharmacy people don't send great Christmas cards anyways. You're not missing out. Trust me. ;)

    Gosh this makes me want another dog so bad. Sherm needs a best friend! Right now it's me ... but I think he knows he could do better.

  4. So cute! Cotton looks like a teddy bear! :)
    As for the pharmacy - they're not supposed to be your friends anyway, lol, they're just supposed to do their job! :P I would be annoyed too! :/

  5. Your puppies are soo sweet! So glad I ran into your blog!

  6. Those pictures make my heart melt.


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