Monday, August 27, 2012

My eating weekend

My low-iodine diet ended Friday night.  So Saturday morning, I woke up and took my thyroid medicine right away so I could get to eating.  I basically spent the latter part of last week planning out what I wanted to eat.  Pathetic?  Of course.  But a definite reality.

I didn't want to go ridiculous.  Since I have only had fruit for 15 days, my stomach was basically the size of a peanut.  So I ate normal or small amounts of foods.  But here's a glorious display of my weekend spent eating.

You're welcome.

Coffee with cream

Phil and I split the Breakfast Crepe and the Peach Crepe

American Dream Pizza

State Fair Scones.  They are the most wonderful thing EVER.  I ate 2.


Bacon Tomato and Avocado Scramble.  Hashbrowns.  And homemade sourdough toast.

Phil made me nachos

Sushi with Morgan.  You could almost smell the glorious iodine.  Fish, Shrimp, Seaweed, Soy Sauce.  Amazing-ness.

Not pictured:  My fair dinner (aka a corn dog) and my brownie and a glass of milk.

I have discovered during the diet that I apparently eat my feelings.  Comfort food is the name of the game.  I have also discovered that most of my comfort food includes cheese.  Hopefully I never develop a lactose problem because the alternative is apparently retail therapy.  My wallet can't take it.


  1. I'm the same way, food or shopping. Sometimes a little of both (ie. Auntie Anne's pretzel sticks while shopping). I haven't been in the best of spirits since we came back from Portland, hence the devil's food cupcakes I made this weekend.

  2. I think I'm with you - if I was on your diet one of the first things I'd have is pizza. :)

  3. i want to barf up the peanut butter english muffin i just had just so that i can make room to eat all the things you had this weekend.

  4. Oooh, The Dream...well played. :o)

  5. You did good friend, you did good.

  6. Wow, you ate a lot of food, compared to me this weekend, but it all looks so yummy. Hope you enjoyed every bite of it!

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