Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blogging is like Exercise

Just like exercise, it is easy to fall out of the habit of blogging regularly.

I tried not that long ago to get back into the groove of blogging regularly, but I couldn't make it stick. And just like exercising, I could come up with a boat-load of reasons excuses.  I don't need to go into those (again) because just like exercising, it all boils down to one thing...


Or just a change in priorities.

I can't tell you how many times I have not blogged one night because I was already upstairs and my computer was downstairs.  Or vice versa.  I mean, that's pretty much the height of laziness.

It's all so frustrating.  You work hard.  You get into a groove.  And you get out what you put into it.  Followers.  Relationships.  Comments.  I put in the effort and it showed.

And then I stepped away and people stopped reading (the nerve!) and some followers unfollowed (I hate that!).  The truth is, I really shouldn't care.  But I do.  Because I put in the work to this.  And I'm not done blogging yet.

I'm not the only blogger this happens to.  There were several bloggers who had babies (mostly baby boys) right around the same time that Henry was born.  It was so cool to read how they were getting ready for their babes and how the babies were doing.  But I understand how why it happens.

Like so many things, life changes after a baby is born.  It took me a while to start feeling like myself after Henry was born.  But I can't use that as an excuse anymore.

So I have two choices... I can half-ass blogging until I get disillusioned and give up.  Or I can buck up and stop being lazy about something I want to do.

Henry says, "Blog it, Mom!"

It may be slow and painful, but I am hoping to get back at it.


  1. get at it girl! :) But yes it is hard to carve out time to blog sometimes...totally understand. And truthfully if I didn't have time to blog at work, it would never happen, hehe.

  2. I hear you- it's all about habit! I feel like maybe that's why I don't find a lot of blogs by people with a kid AND a job...

  3. Not for the same reasons, but I dropped out of blogging a little bit lately and now I've picked it back up again, I've noticed that I have to work hard just to get to my "normal" figures for the day now. It sucks but eventually you get back into the swing of things :)


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