Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty Prancing

I'm sad (or happy really) to report that I don't have any weird dreams to share with you today.  Although I am pretty sure I had a dream the other night that included Cotton.  And that probably isn't too weird since we would be going to conformance class tonight if I didn't have a meeting.

Conformance class is where he (and I) learn how to make him stand and prance properly.  Turns out, there's a lot involved in this whole "show dog" thing.  And since I haven't worked with him much in the last few weeks, he kind of looked at me like "what the *$%# are you doing to me?!?" when I tried to "stack" him.

And I think I heard that one or more of the dogs was in heat last night.  And since Cotton has recently discovered his love for lovin' on things (mostly people's right leg, and YES it has to be the RIGHT), I think that may have distracted him a little

Overall, he did pretty well.  He prances with the best of them.

I, however, did not do so well with the prancing.  You know what feels great?  Running on concrete.  I was fine the first few times.  But towards the end of class, I thought the front of my pelvis was going to shoot off.  It wasn't painful, more just weird feeling.  And the next day, I had a nice little waddle going on.

Phil may have to start participating in classes.

His next show in rapidly approaching.  We'd better start working on his "pretty standing".  We don't give our dog treats for sitting.  We give him treats for standing.  And wagging his tail.  And breathing (ok not really).


  1. You are a mind reader. I was all "wth is conformance class?" Well played my dear. If you could get my dogs to do anything but act like wild animals, I would give you a medal.

  2. That is so awesome that you are going to show your pups! I'm impressed! I'm sure you've mentioned it on here before, but with my preggo brain my memory span is like 2 minutes :o) Anyway, I'm jealous! When I took Trudy to obedience class they said that I should train her for rally classes because she'd be fun to watch. At first I was like, wow, they must think she's a genius! Now I think it was because she is a wild woman and would just be hilarious, no real competition, lol. Maybe one day though!


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