Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mid Week Freak Out

Today started like any other day.  Totally fine.  I was feeling pretty good about the fact that it was already Wednesday.  So I got up and get ready, headed out the door for work at just the right time.  If I had left a minute later, I would have been late to work.

And then after the staff meeting, the freak-out started.  I won't go into the nitty gritty of the freak out and what caused it, but let's just say it may have centered around the baby and all the stuff we still don't have for the baby and the fact that none of that stuff is cheap.

Phil's undergraduate degree is in Chemistry.  I'm wondering why it couldn't have been in alchemy.  Seriously.  Where's a Sorcerer's Stone when you need one?  (No?  Harry Potter reference anyone?)

Then the freak out morphed into all of the things we need to do before the baby is born.  Like the fact that I am making the baby's baby.  Or perhaps that the nursery is still holding all of our extra crap we haven't gotten around to throwing/giving away/selling.  Plus we need to paint it and put the furniture together and blah blah blah.  The list goes on and on.

Pretty much the only thing we are up to date on is the actual growing a baby part and the birthing class.  And I suppose those are the important things anyway.

Phil did the best he could to calm me down via text messages and gchat.  But really nothing can really calm me down when there is a big To-Do list except actually crossing things off the list.  Couple that with the fact that Phil's PhD project needs to be his number 1 priority (after the health of his family, of course) and I kind of feel like I need to be doing EVERYTHING.

Insert third freak out.

(Deep Breathes)

Then my baby kicked me and rolled around.  I realized that these are good problems to have.  At least I'm not worried about having cancer at the moment.  :)  And that's when the freak-outs ended.


  1. Poor you! I remember being pregnant and having the same worries combined with building a house and have an absent hubby + a demanding job. In the end it's all about the baby and that stuff, it will get there eventually. And in your case, everything else will always be a good problem!

    You'll get there :-) we mama's always know what to do, don't worry!

  2. it is so daunting when i think about everything that needs to be done before liam gets here, but in all reality, you won't need a lot of the stuff at the beginning anyways!

    it's amazing how God sends those little reminders right when we need them! :)

  3. Just breathe friend! I think around this time is normal for the freakout sess to you said, the only thing that will make you feel better will be checking things off your list. I'm the same way, don't worry everything will get done.

  4. I think it's completely normal to have freak outs. I vividly remember one of mine; I started thinking of hiring a babysitter one day... freaked the freak out. Anyways, try to keep in mind that newborns don't need much. You need some clothes, but hand-me-downs and thrift store/ consignment finds work just as well to be pooped and puked on as the expensive stuff. The car seat is kind of a big deal because you want the best you can afford but again, you can find a lot of used ones that are still like new. I didn't use a stroller until my little girl was six months old because I just used a sling all the time. She co-slept with me so I never really needed a crib. I could have just waited and bought her a toddler bed! If you're breastfeeding, you don't need too much in the way of supplies.

    Sorry... I'm writing a book aren't I? But seriously, you don't need much!

  5. Freak outs are just reminders that there is indeed, minutia in life. (Don't hit me) I have no experience with the "occupy uterus" movement, but could this have been a touch of the HER-mones?

  6. Yes, all good problems to have because THERE IS A BABY ON THE WAY!!!
    As long as you've got the diapers, some clothes, swaddles, a carseat, and a place for them to sleep you'll be good as gold. We still have work to do on McCarntey's nursery, but right now we only use it for diaper changes and sometimes I'll rock her in her chair. But for now, she sleeps in her pack'n'play next to us. Anyway, that nesting bug will kick in but if every single thing isn't ready you'll be just fine! :o)

    PS - can you tell I'm catching up on Google reader? ;o)


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