Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's in a name?

I never thought I would be one of those people that bought a baby name book.  Who needs a book filled with names?  Honestly?  That's what the internet is for, right?

Well, we are struggling a little more than I thought we would with picking out a name for our little man.

I should have known this would happen.  We had a REALLY hard time picking out a name for our puppy, of course it would be worse with our child.

Naturally, we had a baby girl name all picked out.  It just came to me one day and we both loved it like crazy.  I should have known at that moment we would be having a boy.  :)

So while we were registering last Sunday, we caved and bought a baby name book.  Then we proceeded to spend ALL Sunday evening after dinner going through it.  We went through the whole thing.  And we found like 5 names that might work.  But none that we are in love with.

There's one name we keep going back to.  We'll find a new name and say, "Yeah, I like it.  Put it on the list."  And then when we each rank the names on the list, the same name keeps coming up number one, so I'm pretty sure that will be his name.

Until then... he's still Baby Boy Janney.


  1. have you checked out ? i love proposing baby names to my hubby (we're not even pregnant..ha) but he shoots down ohhh about 90% of them. sounds like you have a contender if you keep coming back to it though!

  2. When my sister was pregnant I went to the Social Security website that keeps records of the top 100 most popular baby names each year, since like 1910. I printed off all the early years thinking she might find some fun names that weren't used a lot these days. It must be SO exciting. I'll most definitely buy a baby name book when I'm considering names ;) Can't wait to find out what it is!

  3. If we every have kids, Austin is totally going to have to name it. He's amazing at naming pets (so far). He named Marilyn (very much her personality) and let me name Fenway (I should have gone with MayDay...)

    Good luck! I say as long as you skip naming your kid something like Cletus (wait, is that a family name? shit.), you'll be golden ;)

  4. M and I totally ave our names picked out - the sad part is we have had them picked since high school!! Haha. Now we just need a baby!

  5. Vince and I have boy and girl names picked up and it was so anticlimactic. I said, 'Hey, like this name for a girl?' and he said yes. He asked the same about a boys name and I said yes. Now I feel like we'll be missing out on something fun! haha

  6. Boy names are really hard! It's such a big decision. For us, we wanted something unique but not weird. It's a tough one. :)

  7. When I was pregnant I had a list of girl names too but very few boys, so of course we were having a little dude. Every name that I laid out was shot down by my husband, so we went with his choice. I really like it, but I do wish we had just been more open and waited until he was born. Naming someone is a BIG thing, and in my post-pregnancy hormone infused days I definitely went back and forth on it far too much.

    Anyhoo, just found you through Story Of My Life. Congratulations on the baby!! :)

  8. If I ever had a boy, I'm not sure my husband and I could ever agree on a name! We had one we both kinda liked when I was pregnant with my daughter but like you, we didn't LOVE it! Good luck!



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